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Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online: Console Release Notes: October 6th 2016

By Amanda | Wed 05 Oct 2016 04:56:11 PM PDT


  • Jumping and pitch control in space have been improved to act more smoothly and consistently.
  • Targeting has been greatly improved on ground maps when aiming or targeting friendly or enemy NPCs.
  • Resolved a number of issues which were occasionally causing maps to crash.
  • Resolved a crash that would occur when trying to claim an upgraded item when the player’s inventory was full.
  • Resolved a crash that occured when pressing A on the ground while in a loading screen.
  • Resolved a crash that happened when trying to retrieve items from the Account Bank.
  • Resolved an issue where occasionally in the tailor, images would take too long to load.
  • Resolved an issue where character creation would fail if any name field had less than 3 characters.
    • Player cannot complete character creation until each name field has at least 3 characters.
  • Companions better match speed with player when player is walking slowly.
  • Resolved an issue where lighting would be incorrect in many indoor maps.
  • Added some VO, sound effects, and ambient audio which was missing throughout the title.
  • The player is now locked in place when in the queue lobby window.
  • Added a number of new loading screens.
  • Resolved an issue where scarves would move around wildly when moving.


  • Made numerous small updates to the UI throughout the Start Menu Options and Character Creation to make information more clear.
  • Added an EBS message to the login screen to convey when the server is down for maintenance.
  • The newsfeed on the login screen now updates when the player first sees the screen.
  • Choosing to Revert to Defaults now functions correctly in Options.
  • The following Console active abilities will now show up in the correct radial menu:
    • Analyze Weakness
    • Fleet Maneuver Alpha
    • Fleet Maneuver Gamma
    • Tachyon Inversion Beams
    • Variable Auto-Targeting Armament Systems:
  • Character Sheet: Stats
    • Removed Progress tab
    • Removed Stealth Detection Rating stat
    • Health and Shields now go by "Max Health" and "Max Shields"
    • Ship Shields now represented by one value rather than "Fore", "Aft", etc.
    • Separated things in "Stats" to "Attack" and "Defense" categories
    • Removed Inertia stat
    • Removed Officers passives box
  • Character Creator:
    • Player cannot now select a disabled Fleet slot.
    • There is now a new "Slot Type" selector when a player modifies or creates a costume that makes it clearer what costume types players can have.
    • Added a recently selected color section to the color palate in the character creator so a player can more easily match colors to other pieces of the uniform.
    • Presets are now their own tab.
    • Resolved an issue where sliders in the character creator would lose precision the more they were adjusted.
    • Each category has its own subtabs, including ‘Advanced’ if appropriate.
    • The last selected/currently applied item in the grids now has a blue outline except for Uniforms.
    • Uniform presets now show if they cost Zen.
    • In the Advanced subtab, if it exists for the category, the headers are now selectable when they are selected, show the Randomize and Reset functions.
    • There’s no longer a consistent glow around a player’s head in the character creator.
  • Transwarp Window:
    • Corrected the transwarp cost display.
    • Added a display of the player's current resources and disabled the "OK" button if the transwarp cost was too high, to make it clearer when transwarping was disabled.
  • Players can now move items from the inventory into the account bank.
  • The Travel menu is always set to appear but the Transwarp button is disabled if the player can't afford to Transwarp.
  • Team UI no longer overlaps the item received pop up window.
  • Added a System List to the map while in Sector space.
  • "Aim mode as toggle" setting now appears in the settings menu when in space.
  • Scrollbars are now reset to the top of a window when the window is reopened.
  • Resolved an issue which displayed the incorrect rank of a captain when comparing the information on a ground map versus a space map.
  • Resolved a few issues where text overlapped in the Options menu.
  • Resolved an issue where item description would stay on screen even when it’s no longer highlighted.
  • PVP: Resolved an issue where players who are not the host could select a PVP Queue map selector and change kill count.
  • Increased bottom margin of Away Team Picker so status text doesn't overlap button prompts.
  • The d-pad icon for full impulse is no longer overlapped by player icons in queues.
  • Added a bottom margin to the "options" context menu for missions in the journal.
  • Made the Space Reticle more visible.
  • Altered the design of the shield tray space HUD element to match other updated HUD elements.
  • The Show Scoreboard button for PvP is no longer appearing in PvE queues.
  • Resolved an issue where closing a store in the Sell Tab and then opening a different store without a sell tab would break the store.
  • The private message from the Fleet Details menu no longer opens behind the window.
  • Added the total Zen amount to the bottom of Featured Products and Item Description pages in C-Store.
  • Made the inactive weapon icon smaller than the active weapon icon.
  • Made the inactive weapon icon darker.
  • Added energy credits currency symbol to Edit Record UI's cost label.
  • Updated look of the Team status UI elements with faction specific designs to match the rest of the HUD.
  • Holding Joypad Down in space now sets the throttle to zero.
  • Resolved an issue where functionality would be lost on the Captain’s Log screen.
  • Resolved an issue where the button to view gamercard was greyed out on Xbox.
  • Made the "Terms of Service" button always be present in the Options menu in the Login screen.
  • The three PvP report UIs now hide themselves when the player is no longer in a PvP map with a scoreboard.
  • The Crew Stations UI has been updated to more clearly show all information.
  • Sector map closes after a navigation destination has been selected.
  • Rename Ship menu now correctly displays the total cost by only charging the player for fields the player has actually changed.
  • If the player has no incoming hails, a message is displayed explaining this, and the hail description is cleared.
  • Resolved an issue where Science and Tactical power radials did not display all powers when using the Dyson Science Destroyer ships.
  • The single letter in the ship Registry field is no longer half cut off.
  • Added an Arc Link button to the login screen.
  • Ready indicators for special ships power bars are now hidden in sector space.
  • Crew Stations list now shows all ranks of powers instead of just Ensign rank powers.
  • If the selected item is unaffordable in the C-Store, the "Select" option is now greyed out and does nothing.
  • Ship Tailor: Materials that have a Zen cost have the Zen icon displayed next to their labels.
  • Bridge Officers now use the Bridge Officer class instead of the player's class.
    • This was causing Bridge Officers to default to the costume color scheme of their captain instead of their own class.
  • The extra Alien trait slot is now in the correct spot with the beginning traits for Alien captains.
  • Resolved numerous issues where options changes would not actually save.
  • Rank display has been added to the Bridge Officer Crew Stations window.
  • Added an error message when trying to Dry Dock a ship but the player has filled all Dry Dock slots.
  • Resolved an issue where Tier 1 unlocks for Specializations appeared available when they were not.
  • Resolved an issue where the top issue in a list when using a slider would get cut off.
  • Resolved an issue where the commission officer window would close as soon as it opened when commissioning an officer.
  • Players can now plot a course to a Quadrant on the Galaxy Map.


  • Stranded in Space:
    • Added Waypoint back to the Azura in the final step.
    • Increased the interaction distance to save the Captain.
    • Process to leave the final map of "Stranded in Space" is now easier to complete. 
  • Smash and Grab: Tovan Kev is now lit in contact windows.
  • Resolved an issue where players could be blocked from entering the Vega Colony in the Federation tutorial.
  • Sphere of Influence: Resolved an issue where progression could sometimes be blocked at the “Decide fate of the Gateway” objective.
  • Night of the Comet: Player is no longer attacked in the contact window at the end of the episode.
  • Skirmish: Player is no longer attacked in the contact window at the end of the episode.
  • Coliseum: Resolved an issue where the Communications Array spawned under the terrain making it hard to interact with.
  • Alpha: Resolved an issue where episode would not always complete when choosing to Beam Out at the end.
  • Resolved a few episodes where auto-travel was not sending the player to the correct location.
  • Resolved an issue that could block progress in the episode “The Ultimate Klingon”.
  • Resolved an issue that could block progress in the episode “Jabberwocky”.
  • Added more waypoints for mission steps in episodes such as:
    • The Hunt is On
    • Tradecraft to Azha System
    • Blood of the Empire
    • Bringing Down the House
    • Temporal Ambassador
    • Heading Out
    • Doomsday Device
  • Updated the minimum rank on the Federation 2800 missions to match previous Cardassian missions as well as the Klingon equivalents.
  • Resolved an issue where players could fly outside the map in Qo’noS System.
  • Resolved an issue where the "Claim a New Ship" mission objective in rank upgrade missions completes without meeting the requirements.
    • Player will need to claim the ship in order to finish this.


  • Resolved an issue where certain kits were not upgrading correctly.
  • Fleet Maneuver Gamma now has applies a lockout period to the player’s team when used.
  • Updated the name of the spinkick from Sweeping Strikes to "Sweeping Strikes" to be consistent.

Known Issues:

  • Kassae II has a low FPS issue.
  • Some maps have a low lighting issue.
  • Some highlight arrows in the UI get slightly cut off such as with Specializations.

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