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15% off Wondrous Bazaar!

By Julia (nitocris83) | Thu 29 Jun 2017 07:00:00 AM PDT

In honor of Lliira, the Goddess of Joy, Lord Neverember has decreed there will be a 15% sale for a limited time on all items in the Wondrous Bazaar!

Sale starts Thursday, June 29 at 7:30am PT across all platforms

Sale ends Wednesday, July 5 at 10am PT across all platforms

You can visit Wylandar “Wylie” Ilmarin at the Wondrous Bazaar in Protector’s Enclave or shop at the Wondrous Bazaar by clicking the icon at the top of your screen!

What items can you find?

 Consumables Item

Special Item

Lesser Scroll of Identification

Dancing Shield

Scroll of Identification

Dancing Blade

Greater Scroll of Identification


Teleport Scroll - Protectors Enclave

Dragonborn Brawler

Teleport Scroll - Protector's Garden

Lockbox of the Nine

3x Pack of Large Party Poppers

Standard Dungeon Chest Key

Cube of Augmentation

Epic Dungeon Chest Key

Dragon Empire Treasure

Medium Waterdeep Horse

Minor Mark of Potency

Scepter of Power

Lesser Mark of Potency

Greataxe of Anger

Mark of Potency

Axe of the Guardian

Greater Mark of Potency

Short Sword of Shadows

Superior Mark of Potency

Tome of Command

Flawless Sapphire

Robest of the Arcane Wanderer


Chainmail of the Divine Avenger


Scale of the Dragonslayer


Armor of the Impenetrable Bastion


Tunic of the Covert Brigand


Tunic of the Daring Outlaw


Tunic of the Nefarious Theurgist


Mask of the Covert Brigand


Helm of the Impenetrable Bastion


Dragonslayer Helm


Helm of the Divine Avenger


Hat of the Arcane Wanderer


Cap of the Daring Outlaw


Mask of the Nefarious Theurgist


Poking Stick


20-Sided Die


Dungeon Master's Guide



Don’t miss out this on this great promotion for Neverwinter! Which items do you want most?

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