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Live Stream: Portobello's Campaign on April 8

By Andy (StrumSlinger)
Wed 30 Mar 2016 01:00:00 PM PDT

Update 4/1: We're unfortunately postponing this stream to 4/8 due to server issues. Hope to see you then!

Come sit by the table as Community Manager, Andy “StrumSlinger” Wong hosts a live stream for Portobello’s Campaign, which arrived on March 31!

We’ll be adventuring through the Burrow Dawn Inn while being pelted with insults from gargoyles and trying to survive Portobello DaVinci’s perilous tasks. It’ll also be a chance for Xbox One adventurers to get a glance at the event before it arrives for them later this year – probably, hopefully.

Strum will be joined by a group of adventurers from his “Play with Strum” event who are in for quite the game – they’ve also been promised the new community Boar mount!

When: Friday, April 8 at 2:30pm PT (What time is this for you?)

What: Portobello’s Campaign Live Stream

Where: Perfect World Twitch Channel

Prizes: Purple Owlbears and Boars!

Strum will also be sharing some of the memories our Xbox One adventurers have submitted for our one-year anniversary, which has given him and the developers quite the feels.

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