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Neverwinter: 20% off All Bags!

By Xeltey | Thu 15 Oct 2015 10:00:00 AM PDT

We all know that feeling: You finally cleared the dungeon and with great effort and good teamplay you emerge victorious from the final fight. It’s time to reap your well-earned rewards but all your bags are already brimmed!

For one weekend only, Lord Neverember has decreed a 20% discount on all bags from the ZEN Market!

Bag Sale Begins: Thursday, October 15 at 10AM PDT

Bag Sale Ends: Monday, October 19 at 10AM PDT

You can find the new Runic Bag of Holding as well as others ín the Zen Market under “Bags”.


Runic Bag of Holding (36 slots)20% off!

Greater Bag of Holding (24 slots)20% off!

Bag of Holding (12 slots)20% off!

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