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Limited Time: Save 40% with Companion Bundles

By DwightMC | Fri 26 Dec 2014 10:28:00 AM PST

We’re excited to announce the release of the very special Holiday Companion Bundles! For a limited time you’ll be able to pick up many amazing companion bundles and save up to 40% off the normal price. Now is a great time to collect some of the best companions in the game!

Holiday Companion Bundle Start: Friday December 26 at 10 AM PST (Pacific)

Holiday Companion Bundle End: Wednesday January 1 at 10 A M PST (Pacific)

No adventurer is complete without a trusty companion by their side. The Holiday Companion Bundles are perfect for those beginning their adventurers, those looking for more companions and the companion collector’s out there in Neveriwnter!

Plus we’re introducing a brand new item to the Zen Market that will help you level up your companions! Now available on the Zen Market is the Companion Helper Pack. This pack features 6 Idle Companion Slot Packs, 1 Bonding Runestone, 45 Pet Upgrade Token Packs, and 6 Pet XP Tomes. Unlike the Holiday Bundle this is a permanent addition to the Zen Market.

For a limited time only there will be 4 different packs on sale, each featuring different companions and each will cost 4800 Zen.  

Defender Bundle

This bundle features many companions to aid those adventurers who need just a bit more health to stay out on the battlefield. Featuring an Astral Deva, Acolyte and Honey Badger, this bundle will keep you fighting even when you’re down to your last drop of HP.

All the companions included in the Bundle:

Astral Deva

Honey Badger

Acolyte of Kelemvor  Leprechaun


Cave Bear

Striker Bundle

The Striker pack is the perfect bundle for adventurers who are looking to deal the most damage they can every time they step out on their adventures. This pack features the Owl companion to help reduce threat, Slyblade kobold which increases damage against rooted enemies, and many more companions to help you deal more damage.

All the companions included in the Bundle:


Slyblade Kobold

Tomb Spider Ioun Stone of Allure

Cold Iron Warrior


Brute Bundle

This pack is tailored to aid those adventurers that take a lot of damage. The companion in the Brute pack are some of the toughest in the game. Featuring the Galeb Duhr, Dread warrior and Neverember guard, this pack is full of companions to that can help you increase threat, reflect damage and healing.

All the companions included in the Bundle:

Galeb Duhr


Dread Warrior Neverember Guard

Duergar Guard

Wild Hunt Rider


Controller Pack

Perfect for adventurers who like to control their battlefield, the controller pack features the Will-O’-Wisp, Sprite, cantankerous mage and many more companions to help you control your enemies!

All the companions included in the Bundle:



Cantankerous Mage Ghost

Barbarian Shaman


Are you excited to collect all of these companions at such a great value!? Let us know on the official Neverwinter Forums.

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