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Patch Notes for 2/22/24

By Fero | Thu 22 Feb 2024 01:00:00 AM PST

Patch Notes: NW.310.20231207a.14

Release Notes

Content and Environment


  • The Hardcore Epic Dungeoneer Achievement will now properly grant when completing Temple of the Spider (Master) on hardcore mode.


  • The issues with the Wildspace golden path on Planet Beloria have been addressed.
  • The issues with the Wildspace golden path on Asteroid Tannis have been addressed.

Combat and Powers

Classes: Barbarian

  • Bravery (Class Feature)
    • Movement Speed and Deflect bonuses apply outside of combat.
  • Trample the Fallen (Class Feature)
    • Self effect reworked to give a +5% damage bonus for 10 seconds after hitting with a control power.

Blademaster Paragon

  • Barbed Strikes Class Feature
    • Critical Strike and Critical Severity bonus increased 4% -> 5%
  • Escalating Rage Feat
    • Rampage buff is now removed when Battlerage ends.
  • Overpenetration
    • Overpenetration now scales from Critical Strike and Critical Severity.
    • Overpenetration damage bonus increased 5% -> 10%

Classes: Bard

  • Critical Tuning (General)
    • Duration increased 10s -> 20s.
  • Truly Inspired (General)
    • Duration increased 10s -> 20s.
  • Fleche (At-Will)
    • Magnitude of final hit increased 180 -> 240
    • Tooltip identifies this enhanced magnitude.
  • Reprise (At-Will)
    • Attack times has been revised for better animation syncing.
  • Dancing Lights (Encounter)
    • Magnitude increased 700 -> 1000.
    • Cooldown decreased 21 -> 14.
    • Elemental Songs no longer change the Ranged tags incorrectly to Melee.
    • Improvised Dancing Lights now fully benefits from Elemental Song bonuses.
  • Lunge (Encounter)
    • Lunge no longer has 2 Charges, and instead, has a single use on an 8 second cooldown.
      • This change was made to insure Lunge works more smoothly with Performer, as well as with effects that decrease cooldowns by a flat amount.
    • Slight animation delay added on hit to sync animations better as per our other 'charge' attacks.
    • Damage is now tagged as melee damage.
    • The improvised version no longer hits twice.
  • Mystifying Strikes (Class Feature)
    • The damage and heal triggered by a teammate can no longer trigger more than once per second.
    • Total Magnitude of the damage over time increased 250 -> 500.
    • Damage Over Time effect can now critically strike.
    • Tooltip now lists the total magnitude x hits of the Damage Over Time effect.
  • Sforzando (Class Feature)
    • Duration increased 10s -> 20s.

Songblade Paragon

  • Performance Regeneration
    • Performance Regeneration increased 8.5 tick -> 20.0 tick.
    • This should allow Songblades to perform a song every 15 seconds.
  • Staccato (At-Will)
    • Attack times has been revised to be a bit slower for better animation syncing.
    • Magnitude increased 80 -> 120 to compensate.
    • Hit timing adjusted to try and insure more even flow of hits across the combo.
  • Con Elemento Variants (At-Will)
    • All variants now have a maximum targets of 15.
    • Con Elemento, Con Fuoco, Con Moto, and Con Brio have all had their timings reworked
      • Accordingly, their Magnitudes have been reworked as well.
      • The powers should now properly cycle into one another, without pauses.
    • Con Moto and Con Brio now fire towards the player's reticle, regardless of character facing.
    • Con Brio
      • Changed to be Melee Damage instead of Ranged Damage.
      • Range increased 21 -> 25.
    • Con Fuoco
      • Now has a unique VFX that marks it different from Con Elemento.
    • Con Moto
      • Targeting changed to be completely freeform and not magnetize to the closest enemy target.
      • This should allow for aiming of Con Moto between targets to hit both more reliably.
      • Screenshake reduced substantially.
  • Contre (Encounter)
    • Contre generates slightly less Action Points while charging.
    • Improvised Contre's critical damage is no longer reduced by your own Critical Avoidance.
    • No longer hits twice after playing an Elemental Song.
    • Rebalanced all Magnitudes, generally making them larger.
    • Contre Seconde
      • Knockback changed to Knockdown.
    • Contre Septime
      • Add Knockback.
    • Contre Neuvieme
      • Charge time decreased 3s -> 2s.
  • Ad Libitum (Encounter)
    • Magnitude increased to be 800.
    • No longer hits twice after playing an Elemental Song.
    • Elemental Songs no longer change the Melee tags incorrectly to Ranged.
  • Volti Subito (Encounter)
    • No longer hits twice after playing an Elemental Song.
    • Elemental Songs no longer change the Melee tags incorrectly to Ranged.
  • Lore (Daily)
    • Now increases your damage by 20% for 10s.
  • Ballad of the Witch (Song)
    • Witch's Finale cast time slightly decreased and animation reworked.
    • Witch's Finale should no longer attempt to target friendlies and fail.
  • Tailwind Mambo, Steel March, and Blaze Flamenco (Song)
    • The activation portion of these powers should now critically hit.
  • Musician's Flow (Class Feature)
    • Effect reworked to increased Performance Regeneration by +25% (20.0 -> 25.0)
    • No longer decreases Song costs.
  • A Due (Feat)
    • Now applies to the player as well as a single party member.
    • Range increased 20 -> 25.
    • Tooltip updated to clarify effects.
  • Ballad Colla Voce (Feat)
    • Now applies to the player as well as his party members.
    • Duration increased 15s -> 20s.
    • Tooltip updated to clarify effects.
  • Loremaster (Feat)
    • This feat has been reworked to provide the Songblade with a more targeted 'burst'. Battle Research is still generated in the same way, through at-wills and Research.
    • When at 5x Battle Research stacks, activating Lore or Research consumes them to grant Ready to Exploit!
    • Ready to Exploit! increases your encounter and ballad finale damage by 100% for 10s.
    • Loremaster no longer modifies the damage type bonuses of Lore.
    • Damage bonus increased 50% -> 100%
  • Performer (Feat)
    • Improvised encounter powers no longer deal reduced damage.
    • Activation rate of improvised encounters has slightly decreased.
    • Number of stacks needed for Grandstand decreased 30 -> 8.
    • Fixed various encounter powers to properly display the 'trigger' UI effect when an improvised version activates.
  • Redoublement (Feat)
    • This feat has been internally reworked and should now function correctly and play nicely with Performer.

Classes: Rogue

Assassin Paragon

  • Toxic Blades no longer triggers from damage sources tag'd as Damage Over Time or Reflective.
  • Smoke Bomb's hits, after the first, are now tag'd as Damage Over Time.

Classes: Wizard

  • Oppressive Force (Daily)
    • Total number of hits decreased 5 -> 3
    • Total Magnitude of initial daze hits decreased 420 -> 400
    • Magnitude of final repel hit increased 370 -> 500
    • Tooltip updated to indicate number of hits

Arcanist Paragon

  • Storm Spell (Class Feature)
    • Has been reworked and no longer triggers many times from some powers like Arcane Singularity.
    • No longer has a hidden internal cooldown.

Thaumaturge Paragon

  • Critical Conflagration (Class Feature)
    • This feature has been technically reworked to address numerous issues with when it triggered its effect.
    • No longer increases Critical Severity.
    • Without Directed Flames feat, only applies Smolder if the target is not affected by Smolder.
    • With Directed Flames feat, applies Smolder.
  • Directed Flames (Feat)
    • Clarified the tooltip to note the damage occurs on application or reapplication.
  • Furious Immolation (Daily)
    • Max Targets increased 8 -> 15.
  • Smolder and Rimefire Smolder (Mechanic)
    • Reworked so that these continue to display a debuff icon even when under the effect of Directed Flames.


  • Shadow Demon’s Presence
    • Deflect Severity bonus is now consistently disabled (on all characters) for 30s after a Deflect.

Mount Insignia Bonuses

  • Enchanter's Hex
    • No longer damages the source player in some cases.
    • Magnitude decreased 75 -> 50.

Item Powers

  • Divine Muse Item Power
    • Reworked to provide a +% Resource Regeneration (10% or 20%) instead of a flat +3 or +6 Regeneration Bonus.
    • This has no effect on Healer paragons, but some DPS paragons no longer overly benefit from this item power.

Items and Economy

Zen Market

  • Players who have opened the Playful Pink Yeti - Account vanity pet pack can now properly reclaim the vanity pet from the Reward Claims Agent.

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