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PC Patch Notes for 6/8/23

By Percemer | Thu 08 Jun 2023 01:25:49 AM PDT

Patch Notes: NW.290.20230424a.7

Release Notes


Combat and Powers


We have generally increased the healing output of companions, starting with those noted below. This change is roughly a 50-100% healing increase for many companions, with some exceptions for those that already performed strongly (we’re looking at you Dedicated Squire). We're still iterating on final companion healing balance, but hope this pushes them into a place where they feel like more viable alternatives to DPS-only companions.

  • Alchemist Experimenter
    • Damage and Healing output substantially increased
    • Area for multi-target flasks increased
    • Rebalanced as a Hybrid-Heal companion
  • Angel of Protection
    • Substantially increased healing on Angel's Touch; she's very strong at healing her summoner now...
  • Apprentice Healer
    • Moves closer to target use Sunburst
    • Healing Word duration decreased 10s -> 5s; now applies its full heal over a shorter timeframe
    • Healing Word cooldown decreased 25s -> 12s
    • Sunburst cooldown decreased 12s -> 8s
    • Sunburst damage slightly increased
    • Sunburst radius slightly increased
    • Healing output increased
  • Astral Deva
    • Divine Strikes arc reworked to be able to hit multiple targets
    • Rebalanced as a Multi-Target companion
  • Barbarian Shaman
    • Natures Wind animation and effect timing improved
    • Damage output slightly increased
    • Healing output and Temporary HP increased
  • Battlefield Medic
    • Healing output substantially increased
  • Celeste
    • Sunburst healing output increased
  • Cleric Disciples
    • Healing Word cooldown decreased 30s -> 12s
    • Healing Word duration decreased 10s -> 5s
    • Sacred Flame healing, without passive, has a slightly larger radius
  • Dedicated Squire
    • Some healing output shifted from Smite to Cleansing Touch; total healing should remain roughly the same
    • Smite radius increased slightly
    • Cleansing Touch range increased substantially
    • Cleansing Touch radius increased
  • Deva Champion
    • Smiting Blows no longer secretly decreases target's Power by a flat amount; instead decreases target's Critical Severity by -5%
    • Smiting Blows tooltip updated to denote this effect
    • Shielding Light cooldown decreased 15s -> 10s
    • Shielding Light shield amount increased 5% -> 10%
    • Rebalanced as a Single Target-Heal companion
  • Dragonborn Grillmaster
    • Slightly increased Fire Breath effect area
    • Rebalanced as a Multi-Target companion
  • Fawns
    • Spring of Life cooldown decreased 20s -> 16s
    • Spring of Life duration increased 6s -> 8s
    • Spring of Life Radius increased slightly
    • Nature's Vigor duration decreased; applies its heal over a slightly shorter timeframe
  • Fireblossom Kobold
    • The kobold's powers have been reworked to improve effectiveness and solve several bugs
    • Fireblossom Bloom uptime increased and healing increased
    • Butterfly Swarm now targets a single enemy, stuns them, damages them, and does some damage to nearby foes
    • Rebalanced as a Hybrid-Heal companion
  • Lillend
    • Damage and Healing outputs substantially increased
    • Drain healing radius increased
    • Rebalanced as a Single-Target Heal companion
  • Linu La’neral
    • Lunar Light cooldown greatly decreased 30s -> 15s
    • Healing output increased
  • Lulu the Hollyphant
    • The good hollyphant's damage and healing output has been massively increased
    • Rebalanced as a Single-Target Heal companion
  • Priestess of Sune
    • Healing output increased
  • Stronghold Cleric
    • Increased range at which Reinforced Aid can be used
    • Healing output Increased
  • Travelling Entertainer
    • Slightly increased Fire Breath effect area
    • Slightly increased Fireworks damage

User Interface


  • The hunt modifiers Reward Display has been updated to properly show multiple (two) rewards to accommodate Advanced hunt modifiers rewards. The tier is now also displayed on its own line.

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