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Dev Blog: Precipice of War Battle Pass!

By Nitocris | Tue 21 Mar 2023 07:00:00 AM PDT

As Heroes of Neverwinter venture into the dangerous streets of Menzoberranzan, a new Battle Pass will provide them with much needed aid! Dark dealings are afoot in the Underdark, and Lord Neverember has once again opened the Protecter’s Enclave Vaults to worthy adventurers who will bring glory to Neverwinter.

Precipice of War Battle Pass begins Tuesday, March 28, at 7:30 AM PT*.

Precipice of War Battle Pass ends Tuesday, July 11, at 7:30 AM PT**.

*See details for each Milestone start date. **Tuesday July 18th for premium pass holders.

Starting March 28th, 2023, adventurers of Neverwinter will be able to progress the Precipice of War Battle Pass by completing Random Queues and by participating in Lockdown encounters in Menzoberranzan. Each day, you can complete the following tasks for progress:

  • Random Trial or Random Skirmish Queue
  • Random Dungeon or Random Advanced Dungeon Queue
  • Defeat Menzoberranzan Lockdown patrols

Just like previous Battle Passes, if you miss a day, it’s not an issue! Tasks are granted each day, even if you’re unable to log in that day, and stack up to three tasks max. You can make progress on the active milestone for free, and if you have the premium pass, you’ll be able to make progress on previous milestones as well!

As with the previous battle pass, progress and reward claims are account wide:

  • Milestones start on 3/28/23, and run for 5 weeks each
  • The final milestone ends on 7/11/23
  • Purchase a Premium Battle Pass for 2500 Zen and unlock the premium track for all three milestones
  • If you have a premium pass, you can still complete milestones after they’re over
  • The Premium Battle Pass is available for purchase through July 18th
  • There are milestone buyouts that start at 1000 Zen per milestone. The cost is reduced by how much progress you’ve made in that milestone.
  • Progress for premium pass holders can be done through July 18th
  • Premium Pass and Milestone Buyouts are account-wide purchases



Itching for a glimpse of the shiny new rewards? We have you covered! All rewards are bound to account, and can only be claimed once per account.

Milestone 1, A Starless Sky (March 28 - May 2)

Players who complete milestone can expect to see the following rewards:

Free Track

Premium Track

Greater Stone of Health

Coalescent Mote

3x Scrolls of Mass Life

20 Reroll Tokens

Epic Companion Equipment Choice Pack

Legendary Account Companion Choice Pack

Legendary Mount Choice Pack

10 Shards of Greater Empowerment




Milestone 2, A City of Intrigue (May 2 - June 6)

Players who fight their way through the challenges of Milestone 2 will be granted the following items:

Free Track

Premium Track

2x Lockbox Keys

2x Astral Lockbox

Astral Lockbox

Vanity Pet Choice Pack

15x Mount Upgrade Tokens and

15x Companion Upgrade Tokens 

4x Lockbox Keys

Single Artifact Choice Pack

Coalescent Mote


Milestone 3, Unexpected Allies (June 6 - July 11)

For the adventurers persistent enough to complete the third Milestone, the following items will be granted:

 Free Track

 Premium Track

 2x Lockbox Keys

 15x Mount Upgrade Tokens and

 15x Companion Upgrade Tokens

 20 Reroll Tokens

 Legendary Account Mount or

 Companion Choice Pack

 Coalescent Mote

 5x Scrolls of Mass Life

 5 Shards of Greater Empowerment

 72 Slot Bag

Yes, you read that correctly – completing the free and premium tracks for all 3 milestones will net you 3 Coalescent Motes! Additionally, you’ll pick up 2 new Account-wide Mount or Companion unlocks, and a whole trove of additional rewards to aid you in your adventures.


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