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Patch Notes: Version: NW.280.20221201a.8

By Nitocris | Mon 09 Jan 2023 04:21:09 PM PST


This update contains a new code branch for Neverwinter so players may experience new or unusual issues. Please report these in the official forums with as much detail as possible.



Release Notes

Content and Environment


  • The Atropal’s building block toy privileges have been revoked so large pillars will no longer randomly appear near the elevator in Cradle of the Death God.

Northdark Divided Battle Pass

  • Battle Pass text now properly refers to the current Northdark Divided Battle Pass.
  • Imbross Irri’karr’s name has been fixed in two misspelled Battle Pass copy instances.


Items and Economy


  • Seals Traders across the game will now properly take Seals of the North to purchase the Wererat Thief or the 1000 Rough Astral Diamonds instead of the outdated Seals of the Wild.
  • The Rank 5 Enchantment Choice Pack purchase no longer incorrectly refers to Shards of Greater Empowerment, and now properly lists the choices.


User Interface


  • [Console Only] The B back button once again works properly when viewing the adventure category in the Quest Tab.

Mounts and Companions

  • Equipping a companion after a grid view search now equips the correct companion power.
  • Equipping a mount after a grid view search now correctly equips the selected mount.



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