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Patch Notes: Version: NW.131.20211219a.15

By Nitocris | Mon 24 Jan 2022 07:28:04 PM PST


  • Artifact modifications that had been reset with the launch of Dragonbone Vale have been recovered! For players who used Cubes of Augmentation to boost their modifications, the best of old vs. new modifications will be applied.
    • This means that: If a player had a modification at +400 prior to Dragonbone Vale launch, but rolled a +350 on the stat after the modifications were reset, the modification will be restored to +400.
    • Also, if a player had a modification at +325 prior to the launch, but rolled a +375 after, their +375 will be kept.



Known Issues - Remaining

Character Art Visuals

  • Ancient Scalebreaker’s Barbute is incorrectly invisible on male dragonborn characters.

Refinement and Enchantments

  • The new enchantments currently cannot be donated to the Gems category of the Stronghold Coffer. While this is correct for reclaimable versions of these enchantments, we plan to allow donation of enchantments earned through gameplay or purchase.



Content and Environment

Dragonbone Vale

  • Dragonbone Vale Heroic Encounter timers on the map should more consistently show how much time is remaining overall to complete them.
  • The missing cutscene in the quest A Dark Transference should now always play for players.



Items and Economy


  • Ancient Scalebreaker Items applied with Armor Kits can now be traded to the Dragonbone Vale Merchant to upgrade. Armor Kits will be returned when this exchange happens.


  • Certain Dragon Glyph overload enchantments are once again properly named along the lines of "Green Dragon Glyph" instead of just "Green Dragon."



User Interface


  • The “Slot Type” filter has been removed from equipment, as it’s no longer relevant with the Refinement system update.

Character Sheet

  • Enhancements: Stacked enchantments can now properly selected using the dropdown menu.
    • Known Issue: If the target enchantment’s bag is full, and there isn’t already a stack of the enchantment that’s being swapped out, an “Inventory Full” error will incorrectly occur. To work around this, you can free up space in the bag that holds the enchantment you’re trying to slot.

Login Screen

  • The Login button now stretches to fit its contents, as in certain locales, the text incorrectly overflowed.


  • The “Require Ward to Upgrade” option has been removed.





  • Various fixes have been made for various locales.



Performance and Stability


  • A few new crashes have been addressed.


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