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New Items in the Zen Market!

By Julia (nitocris83) | Tue 27 Jul 2021 10:21:48 AM PDT

New items are available in the Zen Market to celebrate the launch of Jewel of the North!

The Bard’s Entourage Pack


  • The Herald’s Horse Mount
  • Etrien Companion
  • Wayward Bard’s Fashion Set
  • Floral Vorpal Enchantment, Rank 9
  • Performer’s Crown Transmute

Note: As indicated by tooltip, the value of the buff depends on the item level of your summoned pet. The image used in this blog is just for display purposes and does not reflect the individual percentage players will have based on their summoned pet's item level.



Songstress’ Key Bundle


  • 20 Enchanted Keys
  • Songstress Companion


Mythic Insignia Pack


30k Character Boost

This item will give you a pack which, when used, will raise the character to level 20, grant a 42 slot bag, healthstone, equipment, companions, companion equipment, mounts, insignia, mount collars, enchantments, and artifacts. When everything is equipped it will bring the player to 30k total item level. Pack is tradeable with other players but contents become bound when pack is opened. 


Stone of Health

This stone is inscribed with arcane symbols and will fully heal the wielder when used. Starts with 100 total charges.

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