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Patch Notes: Version: NW.122.20200614a.11

By Julia (nitocris83) | Wed 01 Jul 2020 08:57:01 PM PDT

Release Notes


Combat and Powers

Classes and Balance

  • Paladin: Justicar
    • Resolved an issue wherein the feat "Sheltering Light" could activate when other Paladins in the group used Shield of Faith.
    • The feat "Sheltering Light" has been adjusted to only spread healing from at-will, encounter, and daily powers.
  • Paladin: Oathkeeper
    • The magnitude of Cure Wounds has been increased to 275, up from 250.
    • The magnitude of Divine Touch has been increased to 650, up from 600.
    • The magnitude of Divine Shelter has been increased to 220, up from 200.
    • The magnitude of Hand of Divinity has been increased to 1000, up from 900.
  • Cleric: Devout
    • The magnitude of Soothe has been increased to 275, up from 250.
    • The magnitude of Bastion of Health has been increased to 1600, up from 1500.
    • The magnitude of Healing Word has been increased to 450, up from 400.
    • The magnitude of Light of Divinity has been increased to 1700, up from 1600.
  • Warlock: Soulweaver
    • The magnitude of Soul Reconstruction has been increased to 275, up from 250.
    • The healing magnitude of Vampiric Embrace has been increased to 330, up from 300.
    • The magnitude of Revitalize has been increased to 850, up from 800.
    • The magnitude of Inspirit has been increased to 120, up from 100.


  • Skyblazer: The passive power, Skyblazer's Sight, now properly grants the bonus currency stated in its tooltip.



Items and Economy

Reward Claims Agent

  • Account-unlocked Legendary Mounts can once again properly be claimed.



User Interface


  • The "Convert RP" button from the refinement screen now functions correctly.


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