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Developer Blog: Avernus Heroic Encounters

By Julia (nitocris83) | Tue 23 Jun 2020 07:00:00 AM PDT

Neverwinter: Avernus brings with it several new Heroic Encounters as the Blood War rages on!


Avernus Major Heroic Encounters


Angels from Mount Celestia working for Zariel have captured Garmuun the Vile, one of Bel’s most powerful generals. Bel won’t sit idle as his general awaits trial, however! Soldiers and War Machines have begun their assault upon the Bleeding Citadel in hopes of freeing him and defeating Zariel. Join the celestials as they battle some of Avernus’ greatest fiends.


Avernus devils are moving captured innocents and trapped souls through the Stygian Docks region for use in the Blood War! Defeat captors, free souls and help innocents ascend to Mount Celestia to thwart their evil plans. Your actions won’t go unnoticed though, as the feared pit fiend, ‘Commander Lazuul’ won’t let you hamper their wartime efforts!


Avernus Minor Heroic Encounters

Citadel Defense

With the forces of evil trying to stop Zariel and destroy her rebuilt citadel in Avernus, the holy foothold is under constant assault. Demons from the Abyss have diverted some resources from the Blood War in an effort to prevent Zariel from taking advantage of the fiends engaging in their endless war.

Soul Coin Cache

An Infernal Warmachine has run out of soul coin fuel in Haruman’s Hill, leaving behind a large cache of Soul Coins. Being high value items, Devils are enroute to collect the prized currency and reclaim their Warmachine. Hold off the devils long enough to free the souls trapped in the coins!

Infernal Warmachine

The Grey Knuckle Gang is about leave Haruman’s Hill to attack Mahadi with their Warmachine! Stop the vicious gang of Duergar and destroy their Warmachine before they unleash it upon our allies.

Restoring Hope

The pit fiend Zamurian has captured a celestial and wants nothing more than for her to give in to despair and complete her fall from grace. Clear the area of devils and defeat Zamurian to restore her hope.


Gather up, Adventurers – It’s heroic time!

Noah Holmes
Content Designer

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