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Developer Blog: Introducing Avernus!

By Julia (nitocris83) | Wed 27 May 2020 07:00:00 AM PDT

Welcome back to Avernus, adventurers!

Infernal Descent

When last we left off, the stronghold of Vallenhas was dragged into Avernus by infernal forces, as detailed in the Developer Blog: The Vallenhas Story. Aiding Alric Vallenhas and his people in fighting off fiendish attackers, breaking the infernal chains, and stabilizing the the stronghold, you learned more of the tragic tale that led to this predicament. As a response to your actions, Bel the Forge Master came forth to challenge you!


Your Guide to Avernus

The saga of Avernus continues with a new quest that takes you into the heart of the hellish landscape. Makos introduces you to a myriad of strange and monstrous denizens who survive and thrive there. From the scrapyards of Fort Knucklebone to the heights of the Bleeding Citadel, your journey will bring you into conflict with the devils, demons, and other denizens who fight over this blighted wasteland.


Celestial Cohorts 

Fortunately for adventurers from the Prime Material Plane, even in this layer of the Nine Hells help can be found. Celestial forces who have spent millennia trying to eradicate this bastion of evil have left their mark. While few in number, these angelic allies are willing to help you fight the fiends of this domain. 

Do you have the strength of spirit to resist the evils of Avernus? Find out in Neverwinter: Avernus, launching soon on PC and a later date on Console!


Randy “Arkayne” Mosiondz
Lead Designer

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