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Episode: Rage of Bel!

By Julia (nitocris83) | Mon 11 May 2020 07:00:00 AM PDT

Modules and Episodes

There have been a lot of questions recently about what the differences are between Modules and Episodes. First of all, it’s important to communicate how they work together at a high level. Modules set the scene for a new thematic arc as well as new systems and mechanics that play into the forthcoming experience in the following episodes. Episodes then lead into the next expansion in terms of location and themes.

This creates a fabric of woven interlocking experiences and narrative that create a player-driven journey that evolves. This paradigm will see the world evolving in real time both visually and in terms of content. There will be minor and major character arcs starring characters from the D&D universe that build into a larger narrative with the player journey. This will allow us to create a living and breathing world where player communication and collaboration can be interwoven rapidly with the ongoing experience.

So, what are the main differences? Episodes are very much focused on thematic experience and content and less on systems and mechanics (these areas will be more prevalent in modules). This allows us to focus on the toy box of systems and mechanics that we already have during episodes where the focus is the narrative experience. Episodes also focus more heavily on Horizontal Progression Itemization which, simply put, are rewards that are focused on different ways to play your character rather than traditional vertical numeric itemization which will be more of the focus of modules. Therefore, episodes are like TV Episodes with Modules being the larger book for the whole season. This approach will evolve over the next few years and we very much look forward to sharing this journey with you all!

Chris Whiteside
Executive Producer


Episode: Rage of Bel

Greetings Adventurers and Mighty Defenders of Vallenhas,

I wanted to take a moment to tell you a little bit about our upcoming episodic content release called Rage of Bel. This content release occurs after the end of the Infernal Descent story arc and is a precursor leading up to the beginning of the story for the upcoming module.This content arrives May 14 on PC and at a later date on Xbox and PS4. 

The breaking of the citadel’s chains has caused the archdevil Zariel to take notice. So she has sent her second-in-command and most conniving lieutenant, Bel, to destroy Vallenhas and any who would stand in her way.

What she doesn’t know is that Bel has other plans. Should he find adventurers tough enough to best him and his legion in combat, he may be able to give them the secret to defeating her.

Join the fight for Vallenhas' freedom once more by becoming one of Alric's Riftwardens. Speak with Alric to cement your place in the annals of this epic fight between the forces of good and evil.

As you can see, your actions have caused a ripple effect through this layer of the Nine Hells and the citizenry of Vallenhas needs your help once more. Adventurers who have restored the Broken Wood glyphworks will be familiar enough to take on Alric’s challenge and join the ranks of the Order of the Riftwardens. What is the challenge? To enter the dark glyphworks and take on this new threat.

Dark Glyphworks Portal

Beyond the dark glyphworks lies the dangers of devil insurgencies. Stopping an insurgency is simple, defeat any devil you see until a rift appears. Once this is done, seal that rift. There is a chance you may have to fight one of Bel’s warlords, in which case you best be ready for a rough fight. Completing an insurgency will cause a new one to appear shortly after; it will also increase the Bel Rage meter.

Once the bar is full you will be able to challenge Bel.

The entrance to Bel’s fight can be found in the besieged village area, where you will find his emissary and the portal to his battle ground.

What lies beyond, I will leave for you to find out. There are secrets that Bel holds and only the strong can get them from him.

Here are some other details about this release

  • Bar progress is shared server wide. This means that the success of each instance contributes to the same meter
  • Fighting Bel can be done with any size group. More party members means more rewards and a higher challenge

Speaking of rewards, no defeating of evil devils or their master would be complete without them. Alric has opened the coffers of Vallenhas and is rewarding those Riftwardens who help the cause.

Slaghound Mount

Hound of the Forge Mount


Vallenhas Elite Soldier Companion



A plethora of vanity pets


And a new restorable device, the Awakened Forger's Box



That’s all for now. Looking forward to seeing all of my Riftwarden comrades on the battlefield.

Here’s to victory for the Order and Vallenhas!

Salim “Silyus” Grant

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