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Patch Notes: Version: NW.120.20200106a.20

By Julia (nitocris83) | Wed 29 Jan 2020 08:45:55 PM PST

Known Issues
The Barlgura Heroic Encounter in Avernus once again incorrectly prevents the Daily Random Trial reward from granting bonus Seals; in addition, the Barlgura Heroic Encounter itself will only grant Seals once per day. This will be addressed in a future build.


Release Notes 

Content and Environment


  • Gaerwen no longer references an outdated location for Captain Rayns.
  • Glyphworks Caverns: Patrolling Narzugon and Cambion enemies have been removed.
  • Glyphworks Tunnel: The exit now properly becomes available when the quest completes.
  • Guards striking training dummies no longer spam the combat log.
  • Minor Heroic Encounters now properly show timers.
  • Scrying Vallenhas: This achievement is now visible as soon as the player unlocks the campaign.
  • Various minor text issues have been addressed.
  • Various visual improvements and fixes have been made to the zone environment.
  • We heard rumors of a fiendish merchant named Juma hiding far above the stronghold. He has been apprehended and is now being held for questioning in the training yard.


  • Tearulai's dragon form will now correctly despawn when he is polymorphed by Arcturia in the Claws of Malar instance.

Legacy Campaigns

  • The following quests now properly grant credit for Legacy Campaign meta-quests:
    • Jungles of Chult: Missing Scouts
    • Shadowmantle: Ritual of the Dracolich


  • The Stronghold Seal Vendor can once again be properly interacted with.



Combat and Powers


  • Companions now run at 110% of the player character movement speed, up from 90%. This should now prevent them from falling behind.
  • Companions should more consistently teleport through doors if they're stuck on the opposite side from the player character at sufficient distance.
  • Compy's Instincts now properly reapplies at full value when the player changes zones or releases from death.

Item Sets

  • Executioner's Black Attire: The Executioner's Blade effect tooltip now properly states that it deals 3% bonus damage, down from 5%. The in-game effect has not changed (it had been 3% at launch).



Enemies and Encounters

Lair of the Mad Mage

  • Player characters are no longer incorrectly scaled to stats lower than the target of 24,000 Item Level.

The Infernal Citadel

  • Imps summoned by Erinyes enemies now properly use a ranged attack when at range.
  • Zaphael's Conflaguration ability no longer incorrectly has a chance to apply to players behind pillars.

Restore the Village Glyphworks

  • The Image of Baphomet that can spawn in this quest no longer casts Wall of Stone, which ignores Crowd Control immunity.

Avernus Heroic Encounters

  • The Summoning Circle HE no longer causes enemies to remain stuck in an untargetable state nearby.



Items and Economy

Avernus Heroic Encounters

  • The Barlgura HE in Avernus has had its Chaotic Writings reduced to 50 per completion, down from 100.
  • Minor HEs in Avernus have had their Chaotic Writings reduced to 20 per completion, down from 75.
  • Juma's Surprise Pack no longer incorrectly awards 5k Rough Astral Diamonds per open. It still has a chance to award 2.5k RAD, as intended.
    • To help counterbalance the above changes, the cost of Juma's Surprise Pack has been reduced to 100 Chaotic Writings, down from 300.
  • Preyed Upon: This Heroic Encounter now properly gives only one set of rewards, rather than two sets.

Avernus World Encounters

  • The Abyssal Flock now properly only drops one reward of Seals among the flock.


  • Storm King's Thunder: Certain purchases are no longer locked out once the player completes their prerequisites.


  • The Marketplace vendor now properly sells the Icewind Dale Explorer Cases at the same cost as the Explorer's Guild vendor.

Zen Market

  • Certain companions, both fair and fowl, are no longer visible in the Zen Market when they can't be purchased.
  • The Expedition Pack of Twisted Shadows now has an updated description.


  • Infernal Forged Gaiters now properly display their max stack count in their tooltip.
  • Kessell's Retreat Key is once again properly prioritized over Legendary Dragon Keys when opening the final chest of Kessell's Retreat.
  • Players who had unusable spots in their inventory now properly have the coupons that had been there before the module release.



User Interface


  • Certain amulets and other neck slot items without default appearances can now properly have appearances applied to them.

PvP Leaderboard

  • The PvP Season leaderboard no longer sometimes calls itself the Premiere Season.



Animation, Audio, Character Art, and Effects

Character Art

  • Shou Ceremonial Orb now contains an orb.
    • Orb.

Visual Effects

  • Envenomed Storyteller's Journal no longer has a pulse element in its effect, to better accommodate photosensitive players.
  • Shard of Orcus' Wand no longer has a pulse element in its effect, to better accommodate photosensitive players.





  • Various localization fixes have been made, including to the Infernal Descent release splash on the Home Page.

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