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Patch Notes: Version: NW.120.20200106a.13

By Julia (nitocris83) | Thu 23 Jan 2020 10:35:14 PM PST

Release Notes

Content and Environment


  • Devil Siege: This heroic encounter now consistently, correctly spawns.



Items and Economy


  • The Acquisitions Incorporated Signet of Patronage now properly functions, and reduces the cost of campaign tasks.


  • Seals of the Fallen are now properly, consistently awarded from Heroic Encounters in Avernus.
  • When awarded Seals of the Fallen from Heroic Encounters, players are no longer blocked from receiving their Random Queue seals for the day.


  • Resolved an issue wherein explorer's charts for Undermountain were available for purchase in the Stronghold.
    • These charts enable the gathering of resources for recipes not yet available in the game.
    • These items will not be removed.
    • However, these items may change, or may not be used in future recipes, as those unreleased recipes are subject to change.



User Interface

Zen Market

  • The prompt to purchase Bank Slots from the Bank UI now properly includes valid purchase options.
  • The prompt to purchase Strongbox Keys when opening a Strongbox now properly includes valid purchase options.



Performance and Stability


  • Several map-wide disconnects have been addressed. (These had been addressed by hotfix prior to this build.)

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