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Explore Chult with the Devs!

By Julia (nitocris83) | Wed 21 Jun 2017 11:13:26 AM PDT

Note: Check out our Twitter for updates on where to find the Devs!


Greetings Adventurers!

Come join some of the Neverwinter Developers this Thursday, June 22, at 1:30pm PT on the Preview Shard! From 1:30 to 3pm PT, explore the wonders of Chult alongside the Developers and enjoy the luscious environment that is definately not filled with critters that want to eat your face. This event is not considered a playtest session but they are still a great way for us to see the games through the eyes of players! To clarify any questions, we’ve put together this quick FAQ:


What’s the Preview Shard?

The Preview shard is a version of the PC game where future content is made available for anyone who wishes to explore it. At this time, content related to upcoming expansion “The Tomb of Annihilation” is available. This content is not considered final and characters are not guaranteed to persist for an extended period of time.


What do I need to do to access the Preview Shard?

Visit this great guide for detailed information on getting setup in Preview:


What time should I be there?

The official time for Developers to start is 1:30pm PT. Protocol still doesn’t allow us to chain them to the computers or compel them, so they will be wrapping up by 3pm PT.

When is this in your local time?


How do I know someone is a Developer?

When a Developer speaks in chat, their name will be preceded by <Dev> and colored orange.


I asked a Developer a question about unreleased content/a bug on live/feedback on a game mechanic and didn’t get a response!

This play session is to have fun so Devs may not address your concerns and feedback. In the future we will be setting up live Q&As and other events to allow players a chance to discuss these topics with Developers.


Will you be doing more of these events?

We are always looking to engage with the community across multiple channels. Playing the game alongside other players is just one of the various events we hope to bring to the community. Keep your eyes on the forums, news, and social media for future events!

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