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Drow Racial Preview - Lore & Stats

By TrailTurtle | Thu 29 Nov 2012 12:14:00 PM PST


Warped cousins of the surface elves, the drow are a race of subterranean dark elves, their cruelty matched only by their talent for magic. The drow are a calculating blight on Faerûn, plotting to enslave and conquer in the name of their goddess Lolth, the Spider Queen – but some drow choose to become heroes.


A few drow reject the evil of their homeland, and leave the drow city of Menzoberranzan for the surface world. These brave renegades can be Neverwinter’s most loyal defenders, fighting for acceptance among races that often hate and distrust them.


Lately the defenders of Neverwinter have noticed that drow have been increasingly active in the area. Identified by renegades as members of House Xorlarrin, these drow are searching for an entrance to Gauntlgrym, an ancient lost city of dwarves. With the treasures stored there, House Xorlarrin could become a dangerous threat to Neverwinter.



Whether in the dark service of Lolth or under the banner of Neverwinter, drow are intelligent and have a natural talent for magic, such that even their foot soldiers can draw on the power of Darkfire. All drow characters have this power: Every time a drow attacks, there’s a chance it’ll debuff the target’s Defense.


In addition, drow do not sleep as humans do. Instead, they enter a trance for a few hours, disdaining the eight hours of unconsciousness humans need. In Neverwinter, this is reflected in the racial ability Trance, which allows all drow characters to recover faster at campfires.


In addition, because of their inborn grace and force of personality, all drow characters get +2 Dexterity and +2 Charisma.



With their natural dexterity and talent for magic, drow adventurers will be a powerful force for good when Neverwinter launches in 2013. Keep checking back for more previews!



(Please remember that Neverwinter is still in development, and some of these elements could change.)

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