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MMOSite Reader's Choice Awards

By TrailTurtle | Tue 04 Dec 2012 06:00:59 PM PST


Vote for Neverwinter!



MMOSite is holding their year-end Reader’s Choice awards, and Neverwinter is going for the gold in three categories. Help spread the word about Neverwinter with your vote!


Vote for Neverwinter by clicking here!


Neverwinter is nominated for three awards: Most Anticipated MMO, Best Graphics, and Best Gameplay. Voting is easy, and you can support Neverwinter with a vote every day, so keep MMOSite bookmarked.


Voting qualifies you for a number of prizes, including an iPad, Xbox with Kinect, and Nintendo 3DS, plus MMOSite's currency, MMO Gold.



1.Go to
2.Create an MMOSite account – you’ll need to provide an email account.
3.Go back to the Neverwinter page and place your vote.
4.You can place one vote per day, so make sure to come back tomorrow and vote again!



In addition, you can support Neverwinter by just clicking this text - it's javascript to auto-vote for Neverwinter.


Thanks for making us one of the most anticipated games of this year, adventurers - we're looking forward to everything that awaits us in 2013!

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