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Champions Online

Champions Online: How to Play Grond

By Alex | Thu 10 Sep 2015 09:00:00 AM PDT

About Grond

Sidney Potter was a small-time thug who had a history of bad luck, which resulted in him being locked up for a third time. To get any sort of leniency from the warden and the parole board, Potter decided to volunteer for special medical experiments. However, upon discovering that he was injected with the wrong experimental serum, he went crazy. When some prison guards attempted to subdue him, he was thrown into a shelf full of chemicals, which entered his body through the many cuts by the broken glass beakers. Potter was eventually able to fight his way past the guards and escaped the prison into a rainy night. He dove into a nearby heavily-polluted river, though at the same time lightning struck.

A few days later, a large green-skinned, four-armed monster calling himself "Grond" went on a downtown rampage. Grond was eventually captured and it was determined that the creature was once Sidney Potter, though no one could find a way to transform him back or hold him against his will for a certain amount of time.

In the years following Grond's first appearance, he has attacked sporadically. When confronted, he has proved to be an almost unstoppable destructive force and one of the world's most dangerous super-powered threats.

How to Play Grond

Grond is the incarnation of fury and excels at dealing damage to many foes at once. With his blind rage however he deals and takes more damage as his Fury increases. Grond builds Fury by taking damage from foes.

Playing Grond effectively requires wading into the fray and damaging foes as quickly as possible when your Fury approaches its peak. After fully filling his Fury all the way to 100 it resets, so careful timing is very important so that you can deal maximum damage before Grond becomes exhausted.

Grond also has access to his ability to jump incredible distances when he needs to close in on his foes or retreat and give himself space to prepare his next attack.

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