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Champions Online

Release Notes: 05/08/14

By DwightMC
Thu 08 May 2014 07:04:00 AM PDT

Lockbox Bonus Card

  • We have added a new lockbox feature: the Lockbox Bonus Card! Open different types of lockbox to unlock unique rewards. If you have opened a Foxbat: The Movie Lockbox you have already earned your first stamp!
  • You can access this UI from the Overview tab of your PDA/mission journal.



  • Introduced new "Plus" versions of Energy Surge, Healing Device, Heroic Comeback, and XP Boost. These "Plus" consumables have an area effect when triggered. These replace existing consumbles in the C-Store and are sold at the same prices. 
  • C-Store consumables ( Heroic Might, Energy Surge Plus, Resource Boost, Healing Device Plus, Heroic Comeback Plus, Recovery, Star Refill, Team Ultra Star Refill, Boost Enhancer, XP Boost Plus) are now sold as stacks of single-charge items rather than as nonstacking multi-charge items. In most cases, the stack limit is 999.
  • XP Boost Plus will continuously provide a 20% boost to you and to anyone who enters the boost's range, until they leave the boost's range. This does not override or stack with another player's own XP Boost or XP Boost Plus.
  • The Team XP Boost items have been removed from the C-Store.
  • A Heroic Starter Pack has been added to the C-Store. It includes 1500zen worth of items for 750zen!
  • Heroic Mask (part of the Heroic Starter Pack) has been added for all Gold players under Eye Accessories.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where some enemies were dropping too many Questionite Boxes.
  • Removed Questionite Box drops from Baron Cimetiere (in alerts), Kevin Poe (in missions), Tulzorgat                   
  • Resistance: Mega Destroids no longer drop resources or give XP.

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