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Champions Online

Red Banner Ruin!

By Ambassador Kael | Thu 06 Feb 2020 08:30:00 AM PST

Calling all Champions! The evil wizard Hi-Pan has flooded Millennium City with his Red Banner cultists, and mystical artifacts are being stolen left and right. The Red Banner Ruin event will be available from Thursday, February 6th to Thursday, February 13th.

The Drifter’s done some digging, and this isn’t the first time that Hi-Pan has attacked Millennium City – but he used to be just a B-lister, and he was stopped easily. Something’s changed, and that spells trouble for Millennium City. The Drifter’s asking for anyone who can help to stop the Red Banner cultists and figure out Hi-Pan’s plot.

After you complete this new Daily Mission, take the artifacts you’ve retrieved to the Drifter. There's new rewards in it for you, the Painted Mask and the Celestial Dragon Device!

The few artifacts that have been recovered so far have all been part of a greater set, each piece embodying a philosophical concept. The Drifter’s contact, Master Ng Mui, is studying them to figure out what Hi-Pan wants with them. Who knows what magical horrors he could unleash if he collected enough of these artifacts?...


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