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Champions Online

Valentine's Duo Costume Contest!

By Ambassador Kael | Mon 10 Feb 2020 09:00:00 AM PST

Love is in the air in Millenium City - or at the very least, mutual respect and adoration. And we want to celebrate, by having a very special type of Costume Contest! This Thursday, February 13th at 5:30 pm PT, we're putting together a Costume Contest for Valentine's Day, with a twist. You won't just be entering on your own this time - this is a duo's contest. Come with a friend, and put together costumes that share a theme and match somehow - it doesn't have to be themed around Valentine's Day or love, it just has to be a pair of costumes that somehow relate to one another. The more creative, the better! We'll judge all the participants in every instance, and then we'll award the prizes.


You can watch the show live on the Champions Online Facebook Page, or on our Twitch Channel!

There will be three winners and five runners up. Here's how the prizes break down:


Our Top Three will win

  • Gold Foil Costume Series A Voucher
  • Purple Foil Costume Box Voucher
  • Contest Special Item Voucher
  • 2 Dev Tokens
  • Unique Title: "Double Trouble"

And 10 Honorable Mentions will receive

  • Purple Foil Costume Series A Voucher
  • Purple Foil Costume Box Voucher
  • 2 Dev Tokens


Everyone who attends the contest will receive the emote: Judge!

We'll see you at the Powerhouse Theater at 4pm PT on Thursday, February 14th, Champions!



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