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Release Notes: 5/22/14

Von DwightMC | Do 22 Mai 2014 06:59:03 PDT

Patch Notes: NW.15.20140506a.4



  • Elf ears now properly stick to the character's head again.
  • Female characters can now blink again.
  • Player Tiefling tail animation while moving adjusted to reduce clipping with legs and ground.
  • Updated some clipping issues on new character creation options such as the shaved head, flared and long - draped hair styles.

Classes and Balance

  • General: Drow: Darkfire: This racial bonus should no longer affect allies or friendly targets.
  • General: Campaign Boon: Vanguard's Resolve: Players with weapon enchants will no longer generate 2 stacks of this instead of 1.

Content and Environment

  • Black Ice Domination PvP Heroic Encounter no longer gets permanently stuck if the motherload is mined out too quickly.
  • Castle Never: Updated the collision on the gate for the Dracolich.
  • Icewind Dale: Instruments of Vengeance can now make progress collecting scrolls (but not activating golems yet).
  • Icewind Pass: Biggrin's Tomb has received another pass at cleaning up some environmental spots that could get players stuck and aesthetic improvements.
  • Icewind Pass: Prospector Rescue has had one group of extra wights removed when the boss spawns.
  • Icewind Pass: PvP Campaign: You now properly get Achievement progress for completing Heroic Encounters in Icewind Pass and Dwarven Valley.
  • Icewind Pass: Removed a piece of inactive black ice from Icewind Pass PVP area.
  • Icewind Pass: Resolved an issue that could cause no more major Heroic Encounters to start in Icewind Pass.
  • Icewind Pass: The Motherload Heroic Encounter now has less Black Ice that showers off of the Corrupted Giant to help with performance and draw issues.
  • Protectors Enclave: Slightly reduced the maximum population cap.
  • Jarlaxle no longer displays artifact eligibility requirements once a player is already qualified and completed the quest.


  • Black Ice Beholder: Made an FX budget and performance pass to help with this fight (loot, players and other entities may still stop drawing if there are too many)

Items and Economy

  • Companions: The Cold Iron Warrior and the Neverember Guard now have variable damage on their attacks.
  • Items: Lockboxes now drop slightly more from level 61+ enemies.
  • Items: Slightly reduced the quantity of items that could drop from Heroic Encounters to help with entities stop drawing, especially on the larger encounters.
  • Items: Stone of Health: This item can now properly heal you in Icewind Pass and Dwarven Valley.
  • Items: Zen Market Coupons now drop from enemies slightly more often.


  • Resolved a rare crash involving opposing mercenary contracts and gathering your party before venturing forth.
  • Resolved an issue that could severely reduce the performance of game servers for short periods of time.

User Interface

  • Calendar details on the upcoming Anniversary event.
  • Campaigns: Displaying the rewards for completing individual PvP campaign objectives will now more reliably display.
  • Collections: Recently added collection items and Mounts will now trigger collection completion without the need to move the items first.
  • Leaderboard: Fixed a few minor sorting and display issues.


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