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PWI : Neverfall Arigora Colosseum

Von enelimm
Di 04 Apr 2017 10:00:00 PDT


PWI : Neverfall Arigora Colosseum

Test your might against other teams in an all new PvP Arena!


To get started, speak to Arigora Agent Khroatis (He’s located in Neverfall but also in West archosaur at 522,651)



Player above Level 100 can create Colosseum squads. You will get a quest automatically upon login if you meet the requirements to participate in Arigora.


Creating Your Team


There are two team types - 3v3 and 6v6. 3v3 Squad costs 30mil to register and a 6v6 Quad costs 50mil to register.


Each character can join one 3v3 and one 6v6. If you participate in Colosseum battles for the current week and you leave the squad in the system, you’ll need to wait until next Wednesday to join other squads. Squad scores will be cleared when you leave, but Personal scores will be kept.

When creating teams, in 3v3 matchmaking only 1 player of each class is allowed but in 6v6 2 players of the same class are allowed.


Colosseum Matching


You will be matched with squads based on your score. The max difference is 200, meaning that a squad with a score of 1,500 can be matched with squads who have a squad score between 1,300 and 1,700. Once you enter matchmaking, matching will run for 10 minutes, at which point if the system cannot pair you, you will have to enter matchmaking again. Players can only enter one Matchmaking at a time and once you’ve started matchmaking you can’t quit. If you disconnect during the matchmaking, as long as you log in before the battle starts, you will still be in matchmaking.



Entering the Arena


Once you’ve entered the battlefield, you will have 90 seconds of preparation time. During this time, you will not be able to leave the preparation area.



In Colosseum battles, Aerogear, Mounts and all Apothecary are allowed. Genie’s Energy recovery is reduced to 1/4. When a player is killed on the battlefield, they will become a ghost! You won’t be able to attack other players as a ghost and you won’t be attacked. If you disconnect during the battle, you will be counted as being killed, so be careful! Each battle will last 10 minutes.

To win, you must either eliminate your opponents entire squad within the time limit, have more surviving players when time is called or have dealt the most damage if both squads have the same number of people.




For your valiant efforts on the battlefield you will earn Arigora Coins. These coins can bet used trade in for a variety of items including but not limited to – consumable buffs, War Avatar Pack A’s, special titles and materials. Through Arigora, you can obtain upgrades for select pieces of gear by exchanging coins for the materials you need. Be sure to collect the weekly quest from Sixtus in Neverfall to get additional coins for completing it.

For more information, click the little question mark above any Colosseum related menus in the upper right hand corner!



PWI : Neverfall is coming in April 2017! Will you be ready? Follow us on Facebook for more updates and check out our Official Forums to discuss these and all things PWI!




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