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Patch Notes: NW.65.20160906b.3

By Andy (StrumSlinger)
Wed 14 Sep 2016 06:40:52 PM PDT

Release Notes

Content and Environment

Storm King's Thunder

  • All locations: Relic nodes may no longer be harvested while the character's trowel is in the bank.
  • Lighting and shadows now properly display on the boat in the login screen.
  • The campaign can no longer be advanced in such a way that items disappear from the store until they're unlocked.
  • Bryn Shander
    • Character portraits now more consistently match the speaking character.
    • Frost Giant Excavators: Enemies no longer stack on each other at the start of this Heroic Encounter.
    • Frozen characters no longer wear surprisingly flexible frozen capes.
    • Guard Duty: Multiple players can now properly interact with one door at the same time.
  • Cold Run
    • A skill node has been moved out from behind collision.
    • The intro cutscene has been tweaked so it more consistently loads the environment and characters ahead of time.
  • Lonelywood
    • Crustacean Cuisine: The waypoint now properly has objective text.
    • Harbor Master: The objective text has been changed to "Cargo searched" in order to make the objective clearer.
    • The intro cutscene has been tweaked so it more consistently loads the environment and characters ahead of time.
  • Instanced Content
    • Secrets of the Cocoon: The exit portal no longer incorrectly appears before the instance is complete.
  • Fangbreaker Island
    • This map now properly has the updated blizzard visual effects.



  • Lair of Lostmauth: Players may now properly use the exit portal after Lostmauth is defeated, regardless of whether they qualify to open the reward chest.
  • Malabog's Castle: A tree root that was providing an unintended "safe" zone has been adjusted.



  • Various lines of text have been updated for consistency with the voice-over.
  • Various typos have been addressed.



Combat and Powers

Classes and Balance

  • Great Weapon Fighter
    • Daring Shout: This power no longer incorrectly increases the character's threat, as well as threat generation against affected targets.
  • Hunter Ranger
    • Blade Hurricane: This feat tooltip has been updated to read more clearly.  No change has been made to power functionality.
  • Scourge Warlock
    • Arms of Hadar is no longer able to knock enemies that are immune to control powers.
    • Hadar's Grasp no longer incorrectly removes Tyrannical Curse.
    • Soul Sparks can no longer stack over the maximum value under certain combat situations.
    • Tyrannical Curse no longer incorrectly removes Warlock's Curse.



  • Owlbear Cub: Infantile Compensation no longer deals 0 damage with certain powers, such as the Devoted Cleric powers Blazing Light and Daunting Light.
  • Various Companions now have proper "downed" animation and audio.


Enemies and Allies

  • Fangbreaker Island: Drufi now resets the encounter if she leaves her boss arena.
  • Fangbreaker Island: The Dragon Turtle no incorrectly animation cancels its own attacks.
  • Fangbreaker Island: The Dragon Turtle no incorrectly uses "Wild Slam" regardless of whether the required conditions are met.
  • Frost Giant Warriors now properly have initial combat taunts.
  • Players no longer remain in combat from runes or rocks after defeating the giants who cast or threw them.



  • Manticore: The summon animation for this mount has been improved.
  • Insignias
    • Victim's Preservation now properly activates.



  • Excavator's Potion of Everfrost Resist: The buff icon now better matches its functionality.



Items and Economy

Storm King's Thunder

  • A portion of the Ten-Towns Supplies awarded by the meta-quest to complete a certain number of Daily Quests has been moved to those Daily Quests themselves.
    • Completing exactly enough Dailies to finish the meta-quest results in the character gaining the same number of supplies as before this update.
    • This allows players who want to engage in more dailies to gain a little bit of extra Ten-Towns Supplies.
  • Headsman Raid Vambraces: The backs of characters' arms no longer often clip through this item.
  • Relic gear now displays properly on Dragonborn players.
  • Ten-Towns Supplies costs from Rare quality Shirt and Pants slot items, as well as the Armor Kit, have been reduced.
  • Ten-Towns Supplies costs for potions and trowels have been removed.
  • The Consumables store now has more items.
  • The drop rate of the Manticore Talon artifact from Hati has been increased; it had previously been lower than intended.
  • When picking up Ostorian Relic node loot, it no longer incorrectly has the chance to be an unopened pack.
    • Any packs still in a character's inventory are now bound.  (This change went into effect last week.)
    • Packs can be opened if the character has a qualifying Trowel item in their inventory.



  • Embellished Apparatus of Gond now has a place in Collections.
  • Mounts acquired from the Jarl's Mount Pack in the Runic Lockbox now properly grant credit in Collections.



  • The Alchemy profession now has a Rank 25 task to create Distilled Potions of Grand Healing.  This recipe can be acquired through Rank 25 Experimentation.
  • The Rank 7 Experimentation task in Alchemy no longer persists after the player has graduated to Rank 8 or beyond.


Zen Market              

  • Knox's Adventurer Recruitment Order: Oathbound Paladins created via this purchase no longer incorrectly start with a tiny Invocation-style Astral Diamond bonus.
  • Knox's Adventurer Recruitment Order: Hunter Rangers created via this purchase no longer incorrectly start with their items in the second bag, rather than the first.
  • Legendary Dragon Key: New dungeons have been added to the list in the item description.  This is a tooltip change only.
  • The Shared Bank Slot purchase now states the proper limit of 88 total slots.



  • A certain event item no longer grants unexpected Attribute bonuses to certain classes.
  • Demonic, Gigantic, Black Ice, and Draconic Enchantments now properly provide stats when equipped to Companion gear.
  • Elemental Evil: Characters who completed all of the quests in that campaign, but ended up one Twisted Scripture short of the final task, now have that Twisted Scripture in their inventory.
  • Fey Blessing Enchantment ranks 11 and 12 now give the expected Item Level.
  • Ring of Ambush: This item's effect now has a 20 second internal cooldown, starting when the stealth effect is cancelled.
    • Known issue: The tooltip currently states that the ICD is 30 seconds.
  • Ring of Ambush: The detection radius for this item's effect has been increased to 30 feet, up from 20.
  • Ring of Ambush: NPC enemies now detect players from the correct distance when under the effect of this item's stealth ability.
  • Unrestored Relic Armor can now be salvaged for a small reward.



User Interface


  • Respen's Game: Completing all four tasks now properly grants 100% completion.
  • That subtle line that sometimes connected an individual campaign task's currency to the upper-left corner of the screen has gone away.
  • Storm King's Thunder: The tasks required to unlock the Trowel purchase now explicitly state which tasks must be completed.


Character Sheet

  • Everfrost Resistance is now represented on the Character Sheet.
    • Known issue: Everfrost Resistance gained from Boons is currently not reflected on the Character Sheet.  It still properly functions in combat and counts toward Fangbreaker Island entry requirements.



  • Certain unusable items no longer incorrectly display in the Riches tab of the inventory.



  • Certain quests now properly gray out the Abandon button if they cannot be abandoned.



  • Stable: If a player has several of the same Equip power, only one version now displays.




Performance and Stability


  • A change has been made to shader preloading in order to reduce the frequency of "Device Removed" graphics crashes.
  • Various crashes and other points of instability have been addressed.





  • Various localization updates and fixes have been made for French, German, Italian, and Russian locales.


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