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Champions Online

FoxbatCon: New Rewards!

By trailturtle
Wed 01 Apr 2015 08:27:06 PM PDT


Last year, FoxbatCon introduced heroes to a world of trout; this year, the convention’s merch is pulling out all the stops, with a Cowboyification Ray and imaginary weapon skins! These items will be available starting on 4/2 after maintenance, until 4/9 at 11am.


If there’s one thing Foxbat knows, it’s that the world needs more cowboys. The world needs more space cowboys. More cowboys in power armor. More civilian cowboys. Basically no matter who you are, Foxbat thinks you’d be 15% cooler dressed like a cowboy. With the Limited Edition Cowboyification Ray, you can turn (almost) anyone into a cowboy!

This device takes a target, and tries to apply a cowboy hat and a set of spurred boots to their costumes. (Foxbat is not the world’s best inventor. It will not always succeed. You cannot make a bench into a cowboy.) You can target other players, but it will only affect them during FoxbatCon – meaning, until the morning of 4/9.

The effect lasts 8 seconds, and the ray has a 30-second cooldown. You can get the Ray for 400 Foxbat Creds at the merch table in Renaissance Center.


What're you hitting that villain with? Is it the sheer concentrated will that you bring with you into combat? Is your determination able to form into a gun, complete with bullets and laser scopes and all the normal FX of a gun? Are these weapons invisible because you’ve splashed a secret chemical on them?

Maybe! You get to decide! It could just be that we took the normal geos for a bunch of weapon skins and made every surface on them transparent. (That explanation's boring, though.) Starting on 4/2 after maintenance, you'll be able to earn Imaginary Weapon Skin packs from the Foxbat Cred table.

There are three packs: one for handguns, one for rifles, and one for melee weapons (and bows). Each pack is 150 Foxbat Cred. These weapon skins can be equipped like any other, in the Tailor in the Weapons section. These skins are exactly what they sound like: The weapon itself is 100% invisible, but your character will still grip as though it were there, and all the normal visual and sound effects will play.


These special rewards will only be available for a limited time, heroes. Make sure to collect Foxbat Creds from the FoxbatCon special missions, and collect all these great items!

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