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Champions Online

Release Notes 02/20/14

By DwightMC
Wed 19 Feb 2014 07:24:08 PM PST

Release Notes for 02/20/14

New Features: Rampage Revamp!

* We have added a brand new 10-player Rampage queue: Fire & Ice. Can you stop Kenina Blaze and Frosticus before they bathe Millennium City in rimefire destruction?

* Lemurian Invasion and Sky Command have been retooled to be level 35+ Rampages.

* All four Rampages (Fire & Ice, Gravitar, Lemurian Invasion, Sky Command) are now in a 3 day rotation, with an icon in the Alert Selector.

* Collect special tokens from each Rampage to obtain powerful Justice Gear from the Drifter.

* Unlock new costumes, perks, auras, and other rewards from all four Rampages.

* Set up Private Queues for Rampages so you can take on the enemy with a hand-picked squad of heroes.


* Welcome Window: We've added a new window to keep you up to date with the latest news and events in Champions Online! This window will appear when you log in (once per game launch), and can also be accessed via a button on the Mission Journal window.

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