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Star Trek Online

Rise of Discovery: The Plausibility of the Possible

Ambassador Kael tarafından | Sal 30 Nis 2019 09:00:00 PDT

Priors World was, for many in the Federation, the true beginning of the war. In the weeks immediately following the Battle at the Binaries, the Klingons swept unchecked against outposts and colonies on the fringes of Federation space; it wasn’t a war, it was a slaughter.

All of that changed at Priors World. The stakes got bigger. Far from a remote outpost, Priors World was a heavily populated world and hub. It represented best what the Federation was to all its members; peace and prosperity. It also represented the promise the Federation made to its members; to never abandon each other.

The Klingon occupation of Priors World was short-lived. Operation Riposte was a daring Federation offensive that was launched in the hopes of catching the Klingons off-guard and unprepared.

It worked.

Suddenly the Klingons found themselves in a war and the Federation found the victory they needed to stay in the fight. Priors World became a symbol of Federation resolve and a rallying cry for the Klingon Empire. The war grew hotter.

But this was a war that neither side knew the rules of.

The Federation took prisoners, the Klingons killed cowards.

The Federation sought peace, the Klingons sought glory.

The Federation considered the means, the Klingons justified them.

It was the hope of Starfleet Command that, as opposed as these viewpoints were, there had to be common ground somewhere. So, in the aftermath of the liberation of Priors World, the Federation made preparations to find that common ground. Prisoners of War were to be taken to holding facilities where they could be questioned about their culture and shown what the Federation represented beyond Starfleet.

For a Klingon, though, death in battle is preferable to a gilded cage.

As the Federation-Klingon War unfolds, Starfleet fights to uphold its ideals in the face of an enemy that seeks only victory or death. On Tuesday, May 14th, journey to the Priors System in the Beta Quadrant and assist the crew of the U.S.S. Buran in mop-up operations following the liberation of Priors World from the Klingon Empire. Experience “The Plausibility of the Possible” and see what Starfleet is made of. “The Plausibility of the Possible” comes out as part of Rise of Discovery, and continues the “Age of Discovery” storyline.



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