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Star Trek Online

Release Notes: December 5, 2013

PWE_BranFlakes tarafından
Çrş 04 Ara 2013 16:42:23 PST


  • Resolved an issue which was causing some players to crash at the loading screen (including those with crash #18897741).
  • Resolved an issue which sometimes made it so you could not slot a project in the Dyson Joint Command reputation system.
  • Voth cloak:
    • Visual FX has been updated.
    • New sounds effects for when Voth de-cloak.
  • Improvements have been made to Reman chests.
  • Resolved an issue which was causing clipping of robes and pants on females.
  • Improvements have been made to character eyes.
    • Before and after examples of this update can be seen here.
  • Modified character proportions closer to the way they were prior to Season 8.
  • Fixed the viewscreen on the bridge of the Voth ships to remove the grey textures.
  • Beams now come out of correct spots on the Voth Turrets.
  • The stars are now in the correct position on the Federation Origin bridge.


  • Resolved an issue which was causing the following missions to break during progression:
    • Mine Enemy
    • Coliseum
    • Aiding the Deferi
    • Crack in the Mirror
    • Ore for Outpost 3
    • Outpost 3 Security
    • Defense Contract
  • “Sphere of Influence” is now part of the normal level progression found in the journal under Solanae Dyson Sphere.
    • Player must be level 50 to play the mission.
    • The free Obelisk is no longer available.
      • The other rewards that were available from its initial playthrough and from replaying it are still available.
    • Along with “Sphere of Influence”, other Dyson Sphere missions can be found in this part of the journal:
      • Circles Within Circles, Supply Woes, The Contested Zone, The Omega Standoff, and Tower Control.
  • Spire Fleet Holding:
    • Spire fleet holding now includes a ship vendor unlock at T1.
    • The Fleet Chimera Heavy Destroyer now comes equipped with the Dynamic Tactical System console.
    • The Fleet Peghqu' Heavy Destroyer now comes equipped with the Dynamic Tactical System console.
    • The Fleet Daeinos Warbird Destroyer now comes equipped with the Dynamic Tactical System console.
    • Captains will need to be level 50 to leave the Fleet Spire and enter the Allied Space Adventure Zone.
  • Solanae Dyson Sphere Adventure Zone:
    • The U.S.S. Tesla in the Contested Zone (Mission: Salvage) has had its location and waypoint adjusted slightly to move it away from some ambient spawns and help solo players avoid encounters scoped for larger groups of players.
    • The I.K.S. Korcha in the Contested Zone (Mission: Salvage) has had its location and waypoint adjusted slightly to move it away from some ambient spawns and help solo players avoid encounters scoped for larger groups of players.
    • “Secure Voth Points” - Mission tells you to turn it in to Commander Kaol instead of Commander Arnold.
    • When reinforcements spawn in at control towers in the Contested Zone only one notification gets sent instead of five.
    • Moved the respawn point in the Wasteland Neighborhood a bit further away from the control tower.
  • Solanae Dyson Sphere Battlezone:
    • Battlezone daily mission - Generator point 4 in the park will now count towards completion of the mission.
    • “Summon Reinforcements” mission - Reduced the amount needed from a count of 20 to a count of 5. This means that ensigns go from being worth 5% to being worth 20%.
    Lieutenants and above will automatically complete the mission
  • Taking a shuttle from the Klingon player starbase to the embassy now puts the player in the shuttle bay of the embassy.
  • The proper cooldowns are now in place for The Breach and Storming the Spire for both normal and elite versions.


  • Trait – Sure Footed:
    • Resolved an issue where many characters were gaining the benefits of Sure Footed while crouching or aiming without slotting Sure Footed as a trait.
  • Fixed a description error on Elite Obelisk Swarmers (Hangar Pets) that indicated they have Attack Pattern Beta. They do not possess this ability.
    • This is a text change only.
  • Resolved an issue that was causing Tetryon Beam Arrays to deal less damage than intended while enhanced with Fire-at-Will.
    • This applies to players and NPCs.
  • Resolved an issue that was allowing Fire-at-Will to apply certain enhancements twice per activation or firing cycle.
  • Resolved an issue that was causing certain powers to never apply Critical Severity to successful Critical hits such as when using Fire at Will.
  • Voth Aceton Field Generator Console
    • Fixed a tooltip error on Voth Aceton Mode that was causing it to state that its maximum damage was far lower than it actually is.
    • The Subsystem power drain aspect of Voth Aceton Mode now benefits slightly more from Flow Capacitors skill.
  • Tholian Mines (deployed by EV-Suit Tholians on the Ground) now draw fire from NPCs.
  • The FX light attached to the activation of the Romulan Combat Environmental Suit (Vet bonus) now emits from the correct location on the helmet.
  • The Expertise cost of upgrading the Fleet Embassy, Fleet Dilithium Mine and Fleet Spire from T2 to T3 has been reduced to 10% of the previous value. (25,000,000 to 2,500,000).
  • The team-wide Dodge and Avoidance bonuses provided by Team Ambush Field no longer stack between multiple instances of the Set Bonus. Only the highest Mk set will provide the bonus to a player's team.
  • The team-wide Dodge and Avoidance bonuses provided by the Bridge Officer Trait "Veteran" no longer stack. Only a single "Veteran" bonus will provide to the Team.
  • The Stealth portion of Distortion Field (Omega Force 2pc Set Bonus) is now cancelled by outgoing actions which put you into Red Alert.
    • The Resistance buff will persist for the full 10 seconds, even if the Stealth is cancelled.
  • "Assign Raiding Party" may now only be activated while in Sector Space.
    • The effects did not carry from Ground maps to Space maps, so being able to use it elsewhere only allowed a player to waste their cooldown.
  • A few versions of Phased Tetryon Dual Cannons and Dual Heavy Cannons that were previously unusable on Warbirds now work correctly.
  • Voth Palisade Science Vessel and Voth Bastion Deck Cruiser can now choose to have no prefix when renaming.
  • The Summer Event project can now be cancelled and is also repeatable.
  • Added another event reputation project slot to accommodate the winter event.


  • Re-added the Undo and Redo buttons to the tailor and character creator.
  • The background images for windows such as banks, mail, exchange, and some mission themed windows have been improved.
  • Increased the number of fleet members displayed on the roster page from 10 to 50.
  • Exchange:
    • The exchange will now show the price per unit of a stack of items rounded up to the nearest integer.
    • Removed the sort by expire time options, because the information is unlisted.
    • Relabeled all the sort options.
      • The labels now specify if the sort is ascending or descending.
      • Removed the "then Name" from the sorting option labels.
  • The frame around Duty Officer portraits in the Exchange will reflect the allegiance of the Duty Officer.

Known Issues

  • The Snowblower may not appear on characters with old costumes such as the Omega and MACO sets.
    • If this is the case, rebuild the costume in the Tailor and the Snowblower should appear correctly.
  • The Crystalline Entity may flicker from far distances in Crystalline Catastrophe.
  • Some KDF captains are not able to switch to all costume slots.
  • Fleet Tactician Trait is not granting the correct resistance to slow to the player or team the player is on.


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