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New Event: Hell Pit!

Julia (nitocris83) tarafından | Çrş 20 Kas 2019 06:00:00 PST

NOTE: Hell Pit is one event in a series of events that will occurr throughout the next year. Tokens of Achievement will be granted during the individual multiple events. See the section on Tokens of Achievement for more details. 

Greetings Adventurers,

The time has come for another devilishly fun event! We are on the precipice of a war and the armies of hell are looking for souls to join the ranks. While any soul is helpful, there is a desire to collect souls of a more battle-hardened variety. What better way to find these souls then with a tournament that pits a worthy fighter against the denizens of hell?

That’s right adventurers - WELCOME TO THE HELL PIT! What is the hell pit you say? Well, the Hell Pit is an event where you must survive waves of enemies in arena style combat. If you survive you will be rewarded with a number of tokens based on the difficulty of the challenge.

The Hell Pit opens on Thursday, November 21 at 10am PST*

The Hell Pit closes on Thursday, December 12 at 10am PST


Some factors to keep in mind:

  • You can only succeed once a day.
  • You can try as many times as you desire within each day until you succeed.
  • Every 7 successes will increase the difficulty and payout leading into the final showdown with the pit champion.
  • Event runs for 21 days. A minimum participation of 14 successes is needed to gain access to the participation rewards. Successes beyond 14 will yield tokens for additional rewards (See Rewards section for more information)
  • Progress is tracked on account level – daily completion is limited to 1 per account.
  • A minimum level of 80 and item level of 18,000 is required to enter.
  • Players with item level about 20,000 will be scaled down to 18,000 when they enter the arena.
  • This is a solo event – you must NOT be in a party.
  • Go the in-game event UI to check progress/participation. 




Of course a great event is nothing if the rewards are not desirable, and considering it is your soul on the line I think you will find these goodies incredibly appealing. But first let’s breakdown the reward structure for this event. Basically, Hell Pit is the beginning of a new type of event that rewards players for participating each time the event is active. The event store will contain three sections, each with items purchased with different tokens obtained based on participation amount: Tokens of Achievement, Tokens of Flames, and Tokens of Brimstone.


Tokens of Achievement Rewards (Participation Tab)

Similar to the Tales of Old season structure introduced this year, participating a minimum amount will result in a Token of Achievement. These tokens can be spent to purchase some fairly valuable items. These tokens will not be available for the first 14 days of the event since 14 successes is needed to begin unlocking Tokens of Achievement. Only 1 Token of Achievement will be awarded during Hell Pit. Subsequent events throughtout a year timespan will each reward 1 Token of Achievement for minimum participation PER event. 



Tokens of Flames Rewards (Challenge Tab)

For those who continue to fight beyond the 14-day minimum there is another set of rewards unique to this type of event. Every success beyond 14 will result in a Token of Flames. These tokens can be used to acquire some hellishly good items including a new set of overload enchants! Here are a few to whet your appetite:



Here is a full list of the Tokens of Flames rewards

Tokens of Brimstone Rewards (General Tab)

Finally, for each day’s success a number of tokens called Token of Brimstone will be granted to the player up to 42 if all days are completed. The rewards offered here are not nearly as powerful as those offered for the other tokens but they are still quite enticing.



As you can see, this event abounds with rewards worthy of one’s soul. Are you willing to take that chance?

Disclaimer: Participating in Hell Pit will not actually take your soul. Well we don’t think it will.

Salim “Silius” Grant
Lead Content Designer


*Note: The armies of hell will begin gathering souls on Console at a later date.

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