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Contest of Liars Returns!

Julia (nitocris83) tarafından | Sal 22 Eki 2019 07:00:00 PDT

Greetings Adventurers,

The time has come, once again, for the most fiendish of creatures to invade the Enclave - bringing with them a celebration of deception, lies, and a little competition. This year, 3 factions are once again vying for your attention, each with their own agenda and rewards!

The Contest of Liars will take place throughout the Masquerade of Liars event – October 24 to November 7! 

The second annual Contest of Liars begins this week and we have a feeling it will be absolutely frightful! “What is the Contest of Liars?” you ask. Well, it is a race for treats like none you have ever seen before. The winners of this race will also be given a prize that will only be around this year.

Participation in this contest is simple:

Step 1 - choose a team
Step 2 - gather some tasty treats from all over the sword coast
Step 3 - profit.



This year’s new team is the Howling Lunatics and they will be joined by last year’s non-winning teams (Maize Masters and Toil & Trouble on PC and Xbox; Maize Masters and Knotty Roots on PS4). All three teams can be found in the central courtyard around the Tree of Balance in Protector’s Enclave. Follow the instructions given by the Contest Master until you have chosen a team and you will be on your way! 

Note: Team choice is account-wide. Once you've chosen a team on one character, that choice extends to all other characters on that account.


Now that you have a team, the next step is pretty straightforward. Complete daily quests and add to your team’s stockpile of treats. When the contest ends, the team that has gathered the most treats wins the contest. Any members of that team, who have contributed the minimum amount, will qualify for a free gift and additional bonuses. 

The minimum required contribution can be tracked on the UI in the event tracker. This value is account wide so you can participate with any number of characters. The tallies for each team are hidden and the winner will not be revealed until the last day.

The daily tasks available for each team ask you to gather a variety of different treats in 2 ways. First, you must visit all of our hub areas and seek out Spectral Tricksters. While wearing your team’s mask you must ask them for a trick or a treat and hope that they are in a treat giving mood, because the tricks can be rather ghoulish.

The second task involves acquiring treats from the corpses of the enemies you defeat. This must also be done with the mask equipped. A word of warning: The mask uses the head slot so you must be extra careful when doing this kind of trick or treating.



So after all this work, what nifty prizes will be available this year? And what’s this about only this year? Well, each year the winning team, and its rewards, from the previous year will be replaced with a different team and reward. So choose your team wisely and recruit as many friends as you can! 

Contest Rewards

Each team’s reward is a permanent illusion mask item that will grant you an illusion similar to the representative for that team. Winning team members who have contributed enough will get 1 free mask sent to them and will be able to purchase more at a discount on the event store. Anyone who was not a member of that team but contributed the minimum amount will be able to buy the winning team’s mask at full price.

For example, if Knotty Roots were to win all minimum contributing members of that team would get a free “Visage of Roots” item in the mail. When they went to the event store they would see it listed as purchasable for a low AD cost. Member of the other teams would see “Visage of Roots” on the vendor for the full cost.

New this year with Team Howling Lunatics

Visage of the Moon


  • Visage of Roots (PS4 Only)
  • Visage of Toil (PC & Xbox Only)
  • Visage of Maize (All platforms) 

Existing Masquerade events and rewards will also be active – you can read up on those here!

We hope that you have a terrifyingly wonderful time during this year’s Contest of Liars! Which team will you choose?

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