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Neverwinter: Swords of Chult is Live!

Julia (nitocris83) tarafından | Sal 24 Eki 2017 11:00:40 PDT

Greetings Adventurers and welcome to the Swords of Chult! The Neverwinter team has been busy in Port Nyanzaru working on a cargo hold of new content to keep you on your toes or having you wake up at a respawn campfire. This particular module really focuses on updating the game in several aspects, improving upon game flow, and overall “quality of life”. Many of these changes are ones that you have suggested, and we are excited to make it happen!

One of the biggest updates is to inventory management and refinement. No longer will if feel like you are balancing your checkbook each time you want to clean out bags and refine those gems. Not only is it easier and much clearer to understand, there is a bit of a mini game added that gives a chance per item of “Critical success”.

Next we have a new and improved way to run alts, with our new “Signets of Patronage” account bound tokens, which make it easier and more fun to build up your retinue of adventurers.

And just for funzies, and because we heart you, we’ve added two new emotes that you can use. Check out "/em heart_shape" and if you are feeling sleepy (or need to play dead so that dino doesn’t eat you) try "/em sleep_on_floor"  I wonder if that one will work in PvP….?

Speaking of PvP - We have known for a long while that PvP needed love and have made some huge first steps to leveling the killing fields, with a tenacity rework, PvP item scaling, a clean-up pass on diminishing returns, making solo PvP queues a permanent feature (yay!) and of course some sweet new armor and gear. Just ask my second cousin from my mother’s side, Kyrian Foss, over in the Trade of Blades.   

Dungeon Delving has never been easier or more profitable with our new random queuing system, designed to fill queues quicker and with bonus rewards.

And last but not least we continue to come back to Chult with our new skirmish, the Merchant Prince’s Folly. The merchant prince, Wakanga O’Tamu, a known collector of antiquities and magic items, has invited ruin on the city with his latest acquisition. The artifact he acquired turns out to be a powerful relic coveted by many monstrous factions, and they want it for themselves!

This skirmish has 3 randomized objective locations, and enemies. Rewards at the end are based upon team success, with chances to get a sweet new mount, gear and Batiri companion!

Speaking of mounts, Swords of Chult features our first ever two seater mount in the form of the classic D&D Carpet of Flying!  Great for commuting and PvP capping!

Overall a module packed with good changes, challenges, and loot! Thanks again for playing Neverwinter and I’ll see you in the PvP arenas… or in the dungeons, or the skirmish…

Cheers, and may all your rolls come up 20!

Thomas Foss
Lead Designer

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