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Class of 2409, Report for Duty!

We’ve undertaken a rework of the Starfleet tutorial experience for cadets undertaking their first cruise. Newly-created 2409 Starfleet officers will experience polished and updated training exercises.

In our updated tutorial, your captains-to-be still start on graduation day at Starfleet Academy, but we’ve updated the map to improve its visual fidelity and provide a more beautiful landscape. Your companion, Elisa Flores, leads you through the Academy steps, so that you always know where to go next. Updated UI elements now indicate people to talk to, places to go, and objects to interact with. Several characters have also received a visual polish update, so you’ll notice that some of your mentors and peers have an improved look.

In addition, we’ve tweaked the story of the tutorial to focus on one overriding threat: the Borg. Your humble ship survives a Borg strike and becomes embroiled in the awakening sleeper cell of Borg on a nearby Federation colony, and when your captain is abducted and assimilated, it’s up to you to take the center seat and save the day! Of course, Starfleet is a family, and you’ll have a little help—both from Captain Nog and the famous Admiral Janeway, who has plenty of experience in fighting the Borg.

All of the cutscenes in the tutorial have been redone to provide a much smoother and more dramatic experience, and we’ve taken a crack at improving the tutorial’s behind-the-scenes logic as well to catch odd edge cases and make sure that you won’t get stuck and you should always know where to go next. Once you’ve made it through, you’ll consult with Admiral Janeway once more on Earth Spacedock, before receiving your next assignment from Fleet Admiral Quinn.

Of course, Delta Recruits still have their special experience too, but they still have to make it past the Borg threat before they can save the future!

We’ll see you once you’ve completed your training cruise, cadet!


Jesse Heinig

Senior Game Designer

Cryptic Studios



Haz 3rd, 2022

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