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Torchlight: Infinite

Skill System Update & the Arrival of Brand New Precise Skills

Автор: Arc | Пт 02 сен 2022 17:34:00


Hey Hunters! We are in the midst of completing the final touches for the open beta and closed beta. From this week onward, we will frequently use "Dev Blog" to share our development progress with you. Let's start this week with skills!


Skill Adjustments and Additions


First of all, we made adjustments to over 20 existing skills. They were mostly balancing adjustments, so we will just skip past them and focus on the new skills instead.

We have added 4 active skills and 8 support skills to the open beta. It may not sound like a lot, but every new active skill can be used together with many other existing designs to create brand new battle styles.

Savage Charge, Ring of Blades, and Icebound Laser Beam are 3 newly added active channeled skills.

Savage Charge allows movement while channeling and deals great damage when unleashed. Savage Charge is simultaneously a Demolisher Skill and gains buffs from channeled stacks and Demolisher Charges.

Ring of Blades creates multiple projectiles that circle around the character and inflicts area damage to monsters at a high frequency once channeled stacks are at maximum.


Icebound Laser Beam unleashes multiple projectiles that hit enemies at the end of the laser when channeled stacks are at maximum. These projectiles can deal damage simultaneously and possess a shotgun effect.


We have even created a new active skill that combines normal projectiles with the Barrage mechanic—Marked Rain of Arrows. It launches normal projectiles that mark enemies, and once an enemy is hit, a barrage of arrows will rain down upon enemies in the area.


We have no doubt that the various combinations of mechanics provided by these skills will open up even more possibilities for your builds.

Moving on to support skills, we dug deeper into laser-type skills. With the help of new support skills, they can launch multiple beams simultaneously now, and these beams can bounce between multiple monsters.


New Loot: Precise Skills

Antonius developed and improved old skill components by modifying their circuits, giving birth to Precise passive skill components that have better stats. They cannot be obtained from the Skill Shop and are only available in the form of drops from the Netherrealm in the late game.

In the version that is currently under development, the area bosses in Timemark 6 and Timemark 7 of the Netherrealm may drop Lv. 16 Precise Passive Skills. The ordinary stages of Timemark 8 have a chance to drop Fate Cards that are used to exchange for Lv. 21 Precise Passive Skills. As for Lv. 21 Precise Passive Skills that exceed the limits of Lv. 20, you will have a chance to obtain them while challenging the area boss of Timemark 8 in the Netherrealm.

As a true loot-based ARPG, many of our designs revolve around loot. We mainly created Precise Skills to improve the variety and abundance of loot. Most of the previous loot was designed around gears. Now, we plan to experiment more. Obtaining Precise Skills will become one of your objectives in the late game by introducing skills into loot.

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Hey Hunters! We are in the midst of completing the final touches for the open beta and closed beta. From this week onward, we will frequently use "Dev Blog" to share our development progress with...

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