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Neverwinter: 15% Charge Bonus & Double Refinement, Glory and XP!

Автор: Andy (StrumSlinger) | Чтв 25 Июн 2015 12:21:00

Rounding out the celebration of our two-year anniversary, enjoy the start of summer by checking out our 15% Charge Bonus promotion happening right now. Receive a 15% Bonus when you purchase through Paypal, Steam, Skrill, BoaCompra and Xsolla for Neverwinter on PC only - not applicable for Xbox One!

Charge Bonus Begins: Thursday, June 25, 2015 after maintenance has ended

Charge Bonus Ends: Tuesday, June 30, 2015 @ 9:00 AM PDT

In addition, we’re having Double Refinement Points during the exact same time period to start our third year off with a bang!

Due to the extended maintenance, Lord Neverember wants to apologize and has decreed that we shall also hold a Double Glory and Double XP event!

Double RP and XP Begins: Thursday, June 25, 2015 after maintenance has ended.

Double RP and XP Ends: Monday, June 29, 2015 at 10AM PDT

Double Glory Begins: Friday, June 26 at 10AM PDT

Double Glory Ends: Monday, June 29 at 10AM PDT

Back to the Bonus Zen promotion, which is a limited time event where you’ll will earn an extra 15% Bonus on all purchases from the Charge page.

Here's an example of the 15% Charge Bonus applied to Neverwinter purchases:


15% Bonus ZEN

$100.00 = 10000 + 600 = 10600 ZEN

$100.00 = 10000 + 1500 +600 + = 12100 ZEN

$50.00 = 5000 + 300 = 5300 ZEN

$50.00 = 5000 + 750 + 300 = 6050 ZEN

$30.00 = 3000 ZEN

$30.00 = 3000 + 450 = 3450 ZEN

$20.00 = 2000 ZEN

$20.00 = 2000 + 300 = 2300 ZEN

$10.00 = 1000 ZEN

$10.00 = 1000 + 150 = 1150 ZEN


*Please note that this Charge Bonus offer is ONLY available for the following payment processors:

- PayPal

- Steam (Note: Steam purchases receive the 15% charge bonus, but they do not receive extra ZEN for buying in bulk. For example, you will only receive 11500 ZEN if you purchase the $100.00 amount on Steam during this bonus.)

- Skrill

- BoaCompra

- Xsolla

Note: This charge bonus offer is not applicable with any other promotional coupon. This offer is not valid for Neverwinter on Xbox One.

Get your Charge Bonus here NOW!

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