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Developer Blog: Trobriand & Arcturia

Автор: Julia (nitocris83) | Пт 19 апр 2019 07:00:00

Reaching the culminating adventure of Neverwinter: Undermountain and venturing into the Lair of the Mad Mage is something to be proud of. Besting the baddies waiting for you within: that’s something to brag about! Arcturia and Trobriand are both ancient and powerful beings and apprentices of Halaster who won’t suffer adventurers in their domains; facing them will be a harrowing undertaking for all involved.

The first apprentice you must face in Lair of the Mad Mage is the powerful lich and master of transmutation magic, Arcturia. Arcturia cannot abide normalcy and consistency, so transforms herself, her surroundings, and other creatures around her into warped variations of their previous selves. She has altered her own form dramatically over the years and now appears more alive than undead, with gossamer wings sprouting from her shoulders and bone spurs jutting from her forearms and elbows. Arcturia’s domain is a mix of nature and decay that corrupts parts of Halaster’s dungeon, and her creations defend it to the death.

Fighting Arcturia is a colorful and deadly affair, with butterflies, mimics, and animal head warriors assisting when she calls. However, her own spells are more than up for handling adventurers: spells like Cocoon of Death will obliterate an unwary group in the blink of an eye. Defeating Arcturia will require coordination, timing, and a healthy fear of butterflies.

The second apprentice and final challenge in the Lair of the Mad Mage is Trobriand the Metal Mage. Trobriand specializes in creating magical constructs and uses them throughout both his domain and, more recently, a large portion of Undermountain. His penultimate creation, the massive Boreworm, roams the Lair of the Mad Mage searching for prey.

Long ago, Trobriand was a human of flesh and bone who grew to despise the frailty of flesh. After many years of painstaking experimentation he transferred his spirit into his ultimate creation, the massive and specially constructed iron golem he now inhabits. But Trobriand did not stop there. After perfecting the transfer method, he has embarked on a campaign to rid Faerûn of weak flesh and replace it with strong metal. His domain in Lair of the Mad Mage is one of power and metal, and the plethora of constructs there clearly demonstrates his obsession.

Battling Trobriand is an electric affair and not for the faint of heart. The core of his domain juts out over a cavernous lake and holds the deadliest of his creations, himself included. Trobriand is at the height of his strength here, but also has the potential to grow to unimaginable power if adventurers don’t act quickly on the battlefield. Trobriand’s energy also supercharges the constructs here, offering a truly daunting challenge. Adventurers who best Trobriand will save Faerûn from the fate of a fleshless existence, and will return with plenty of rewards to show for their troubles.

See you in Undermountain!

Ryan “Wolf Fightmaster” Horn
Content Designer

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