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Call to Arms - Season Event

Автор: Julia (nitocris83) | Срд 23 Янв 2019 07:00:00

Starting with Call to Arms: Storm Front on January 24th, we are introducing the new Alliance of Heroes Call to Arms event season! During this event, players can earn rewards based on their participation in the relevant events for the 2019 Season.

Note: The season begins on January 24th for PC and will start on Console at a later date.


New Currency

During the different Call to Arms events, players can earn the existing Medallions of Battle and the new Tokens of Heroes currency. Medallions of Battles are obtained from fighting in a Call to Arms and can drop from foes and appear in treasure chests at the end of the battle. Tokens of Heroes can be acquired once per day during a CTA event as long as you participate in enough skirmishes. Only 3 Tokens can be earned per CTA event. Both these currencies can be spent in the CTA stores. Medallions can be used in any of the CTA stores so you can save them for a next time. Tokens are used in the Season store which requires participation in multiple Call to Arms events.


New Rewards

With this new event season, the following rewards will be available:

Regal Armed Griffon – available in the Season Store for the 2019 Season.

Purple Guard Drake – drops in CTA Skirmishes

Artifact Weapons – New artifact weapons for each class available in the Season Store for the 2019 Season.

Alliance Battle Horn – a temporary version of this item can also drop from skirmishes. Limited Event Item. 

Vanity Pet – a unique vanity pet for each Call to Arms active during the season.


The following CTAs will be run during this season

  • Storm Front
  • Pit Fight
  • Orc Assault
  • Garrundar the Vile
  • Battle for the Bridge
  • Gate Crashers

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