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Patch Notes: Version: NW.105.20181022a.19

Автор: Julia (nitocris83) | Срд 28 Ноя 2018 17:12:43



All players may claim a bundle of 2 Epic Artisan recruitment items, for free, from the Reward Claims Agent. These are bound to account, and only set of two can be claimed on the account. Details here


Workshop and Quest Flow

  • Running a Workshop: This quest can now consistently be advanced past the "Take Your Item from the Delivery Box" step.

Crafting and Crafted Items

  • Masterwork Blacksmithing recipe books are now named appropriately, rather than referencing Weaponsmithing.


  • Torn Bandit Camp Clue now grants as much material exchange credit as it says it will, when traded to your retainer.


Release Notes

Content and Environment

Acquisitions Incorporated

  • The amount of experience given by Basement Investigations has been reduced, and the repeatability of this quest has been reduced to once every hour rather than being immediately repeatable.

Winter Festival

  • That horse in the middle of the race track has moved on to greener pastures. Well, slightly less icy pastures at least.


Items and Economy

Winter Charge Rewards Promo

  • The first tier of Charge Rewards can once again properly be claimed. Due to the nature of the fix, anyone who had previously claimed this tier can claim one more set of five keys on a different character (on same account) that has not claimed it before. We do not consider that single extra claim to be an exploit. Second set cannot be claimed on the same character as the first set was claimed on. 
  • The text on the Winter Charge Rewards Promo event now properly instructs players to go to the Promotions Agent instead of the Reward Claims Agent.



Remaining Known Issues

We know there are more, but here are some of the highlights.

  • Companions and Soul Puppets snooze after a while of standing idle; this will be reverted in a later build.
  • Cotton Petasos don't hide a character's hair, leading to egregious clipping.
  • Crafted capes and mantles currently do not change the character's appearance when equipped.
  • In French, Lady Begum has a line of voice-over that doesn't make sense in context. This will be updated in a later build.
  • Some players are unable to swap loadouts or retrain.
  • Requirements for certain items at the Stronghold Bloomery and Goldsmith structures currently state that they require outdated Masterwork professions, but at least now function correctly.
  • Text in certain artisan recruitment packs incorrectly claims the contents will be alchemists. The names of the packs are correct.
  • There are two Fleeces. The one from Illusionist's Gambit will be renamed to Enchanted Fleece in a later build.


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