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Castle Ravenloft - Developer Blog

Автор: Julia (nitocris83) | Пн 04 июн 2018 09:51:49


Greetings adventurers! Asterdahl here today to talk to you about the upcoming epic dungeon: Castle Ravenloft. With the module itself taking its name from the castle, the team has been hard at work to bring this iconic location to life. Deadly enemies await within and those who survive will earn a final confrontation with the lord of Ravenloft and all Barovia—Strahd Von Zarovich.

Perched on a cliff overlooking all the lands of Barovia, the castle will be visible throughout the adventure zone. Upon entering the Castle Ravenloft dungeon, you’ll need to make your final approach through the gates, across the bridge and through the courtyard before entering the castle proper.

Strahd himself will play an ever present role from the very beginning of the dungeon, and the team has worked to incorporate a number of unique moments and exciting encounters throughout.

Once in the courtyard, the sisters of Strahd will put any adventuring party’s coordination and teamwork to the test. If your party isn’t ready for the challenges to come, you may not even make it inside the castle’s doors.

If you do, the opulent hallways of Castle Ravenloft will prove no less deadly as animated armor and legions of Strahd’s vampiric minions lie in wait. Outside a raging thunderstorm grows with each passing moment as you fight your way closer to the final confrontation.

Luckily you will have some help, in the form of the Sunsword, a powerful artifact that by the time you storm the castle, you would have recovered through the Ravenloft campaign. The Sunsword bestows its wielder with a variety of powerful abilities. Sword in hand, if you and your party manage to push Strahd back to the final tower, an epic boss encounter awaits.

Make sure you’re ready for Castle Ravenloft when Module 14 launches by gearing up to the entry requirement of item level 13,000.

See you in Barovia!


Doug “Asterdahl” Miller
Systems Designer

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