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Patch Notes: Version: NW.90.20171107g.7

Автор: Julia (nitocris83)
Срд 13 Дек 2017 15:44:01

Release Notes

Content and Environment


  • Spellplague Caverns: Loadouts should be swappable at all the campfires.  For real this time.


Items and Economy


  • Chultan Merchant Shirt and Pants no longer have flavor text that pertains to Roy or Sandy.
  • Illusions summoned by the Mirage weapon set no longer cause the character to continuously attack after leaving combat.
  • Rare (blue) quality equipment that is not salvageable for Astral Diamonds can now be converted to Refinement Points.
  • Various typos have been addressed.

Zen Market

  • Blood Ruby ads in the Home screen no longer show their old Refinement Point values.


User Interface


  • Exported combat logs once again show tenths of seconds.
  • Lockbox messages are now localized to the receiving player's chosen language, and now include item links.
  • The ExportGuildBankLog command now includes whether a transaction was a deposit or withdrawal.
  • The cutscene editor should work again in Demo Play mode.




  • Various fixes and updates have been made to Swords of Chult localization for French, German, Italian, and Russian.


Performance and Stability


  • Minor performance issues were found and fixed in the Home Page UI.

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