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Patch Notes: Version: NW.85.20170808a.3

Автор: Julia (nitocris83)
Срд 16 Авг 2017 20:51:51

Release Notes

Content and Environment

Chult Intro Quests

  • The cutscenes in these quests now properly play for all party members.

Port Nyanzaru

  • Compies no longer attack the target dummies in Port Nyanzaru.

Soshenstar River

  • Spli-ti: Another attempt has been made to fix this Hunt target.
    • Note: We've noticed certain cases in which Spli-ti leashes unexpectedly, then ends the encounter.  This can possibly be avoided by destroying the larger-sized enemies before moving on to the smaller-sized ones.
    • Even in the above case, we've observed that the summon interaction no longer gets stuck in an unusable state.  Still, we'll keep an eye on things.


  • Characters who purchase the Maze Engine buyout can now properly complete interlude quests in the Maze Engine campaign.
  • Hotenow Domination: Player characters should no longer be able to escape the gameplay space.  Even if they do, death now awaits.
  • It was nice while it lasted, but Private PvP matches no longer incorrectly grant credit toward Stronghold PvP quests.
  • The Masterwork Alchemy quest, Alchemical Extravagance, now properly calls for Concentrated Aqua Regia in its objectives, rather than regular Aqua Regia.
  • The remaining campfire in Spellplague Caverns should now properly allow players to switch loadouts.
  • Various fixes to text have been made.
  • Various minor environment issues have been cleaned up.


Combat and Powers

Devoted Cleric

  • Astral Shield
    • Developer Note: Devoted Cleric's empowered Astral Shield was far too strong in PvP. Furthermore, even in PvE it was too easy to get it to have an extremely high uptime (as high as 100%) for Astral Shield in general.  We're trying out some changes to bring this power to a reasonable effectiveness.
      • See the Private PvP Queues thread for more details.  This change was noted in an August 7th post.
    • Duration has been reduced from 10 seconds to 8 seconds for Astral Shield across the board.
    • Damage absorption for empowered Astral Shield has been changed from 3% per stack to 1% per stack in PvP only.
    • We've also eliminated the "Astral Shield Counter" buff icon -- between the regular Astral Shield buff icon and the empowered stack VFX, all needed info was already being conveyed, and the Astral Shield Counter icon was just too much.
  • Geas no longer ignores control resistance / immunity in Divine mode.

Scourge Warlock

  • Tyrannical Curse: This power can no longer incorrectly deal friendly fire damage (damage to allied players).

Trickster Rogue

  • Shocking Execution: After further testing based on the recent changes to piercing damage, we're increasing the base damage on the Trickster Rogue's Shocking Execution daily power by 25%.


  • King of Spines now broadsides more frequently.
    • No changes have been made to its breath attacks.
  • "Splat" effects (warning circles) for the stalactites in the Lostmauth encounter should now properly display.
    • Note that these may be different from the previous ones; we're still looking into a more comprehensive fix for various abilities that are now missing splats.
  • The Batiri Dart poison effect now has an appropriate name when viewing the debuff.

Control Powers

  • The tooltips for Unstoppable, Guard, and Sanctuary have been updated to indicate that they provide resistance to "most control effects," which more accurately matches their effectiveness.
    • No functional changes have been made to the effect of these abilities. This is simply to help reduce confusion when certain powerful abilities (like those used by bosses) pierce these effects.
  • "Terrifying Roar," used by tyrannosaurid type enemies, now properly respects control immunities and resistances.
  • Resolved an issue wherein the effect "Partial Paralysis" was respecting control immunity but was not having its duration reduced by control resistance.


Items and Economy


  • 2x Seals: This event now properly affects Seals of the Brave.
  • A crafting resource now drops 100% of the time when looting hidden treasures.
  • Dinosaur Voodoo Doll: This item's tooltip no longer incorrectly claims it kills Undead minions.
  • Forgotten Totems now mention their weekly limit in their tooltip.
  • Forgotten Totems now exchange for Chultan Riches at an updated price.
  • Identification Scrolls can now be sold to vendors for small values of currency.
  • Loot: Items that drop while in a team should more consistently retain their drop rules when the party disbands.
    • For example, if an item drops under Need / Greed loot rules and the party disbands immediately after, a player who attempts to pick it up should still pop the Need / Greed UI for all players who were in the party at the time.
  • Players who earned the Gilded White Steed mount from a recent out-of-game promotion can now properly claim it from the Reward Claims Agent.
  • Ostorian rings are now Bind to Account on Pickup, changed from Bind to Character on Pickup. This change only affects newly purchased or obtained Ostorian rings.
  • Voodoo Doll items are now properly sellable.


  • Glowworms now properly allow the player to catch epic fish in Soshenstar River.
  • Tooltips for swapping bait in Soshenstar River no longer incorrectly has text speaking of Sea of Moving Ice.

Zen Market

  • Legendary Dragon Keys now properly have Tomb of the Nine Gods on their list of available dungeons.


User Interface

Character Sheet

  • History tab: The "Use Alliance Title" button should now properly display the alliance title to other players viewing the character.


  • Certain gear sets in Chult now have updated Collection images.


  • There is now a new permission for sorting the items in the Guild Bank.  This permission is enabled by default on all ranks.


  • Support has been added for Corsair keyboard lighting effects.  (This change occurred at the launch of Tomb of Annihilation, but had missed the patch notes.)
  • Support has been added for SteelSeries keyboard lighting effects.


  • Artifact Weapon powers should be less likely to show "??" instead of values in their tooltips.


  • Viewing the "All" section no longer causes a noticeable framerate drop.

Sword Coast Chronicle

  • The Tyranny of Dragons and PvP campaigns once again properly only show one version, depending on the player's level band.


Art, Animation, and Effects


  • A few weapons have been adjusted to address issues with clipping into the hand in which they're held.
  • Arcane Whirlwind: A strange small box should no longer appear in this whirlwind's visual effect.
  • Dawnhide Mask no longer clips with certain faces.
  • Huntsman Leg armor no longer clips into characters' legs.
  • League armor head pieces are now color-coordinated with the rest of the gear.
  • Raptor Riders now properly hold spears before they throw them.
  • Several new character-specific customization options have been renamed to fit the convention of other styles.
    • Eyebrows: Fine 04
    • Hair: Long - Bangs 02
    • Hair: Long - Bun 01
  • Teak Tamima (Control Wizard orb) now properly rotates as a whole.
  • Yuan-ti Zealots no longer drop into a Great Weapon Fighter combat idle animation.

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