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Forsaken World

Christmas Login Event

Автор: Gwaera
Срд 20 Дек 2017 10:00:00


Happy Holidays Forsaken World!

It is that time of year and in order to spread the holiday spirit and good cheer, we are holding a special login event for the Christmas season! We would like to say thank you and give everyone some presents!



Starting today, 12/20/17 at 4:00 PM PT,  and running through 1/1/18 3:59 PM PT simply login to Forsaken World for 30 minutes to collect your presents! If you do miss a day you will not receive the present for the day that was missed.


Day 1 - Everyday Miracle Card

Day 2 - Justice Assembly

Day 3 - Mysterious Treasure x3

Day 4 - Tenderness Gift Pack

Day 5 - Fel Irradiated Ore x5

Day 6 - God’s Favor: Miracle x6

Day 7 - Scroll of Masteries x7

Day 8 - Scroll of Resistances x8

Day 9 - Mysterious Gold Box x9

Day 10 - Astral Reforge Stone x10

Day 11 - Ghastly Flare Gembox (Lv2) x11

Day 12 - Mysterious Gold Box x12


The only requirements to qualify are to be level 80 and to login for 30 minutes each day. If you reach level 80 during the event, you must relog to receive your prizes. The days change over at 4 PM PDT, if you are already logged in prior to a day changing over, you will need to relog to trigger the login for the new day.



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