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Forsaken World

Krampus Event

Автор: Gwaera
Пнд 04 Дек 2017 10:00:00


The holiday season is here and Christmas is almost upon us! But… have you been good or bad?

Before Santa arrives, his other half will make his rounds! Krampusnacht is on December 6th, when Krampus visits the misbehaved! To take part, we will have our very own Krampus inspired event for the first time! During a Krampuslauf (a Krampus “run” or parade), it is customary to offer a Krampus some schnapps or brandy. Players can make a trip to Charlie’s Tavern or anywhere they can find an acceptable offering. Players will then need to bring these alcoholic beverages to our GM’s – who are hiding and waiting to present the players’ offerings to Krampus himself!

Santa is always watching! The more offerings everyone contributes, the more Krampus will be quelled – and Santa will bestow gifts to the community!



Starts: 5:00 PM PT 12/4/17

Ends: 10:30 AM PT 12/8/17



Santa’s Gifts


Tier 1 – 75,000 offerings

Scorching Winter Gift x2


Tier 2 – 300,000 offerings

Deluxe Gem Pack


Tier 3 – 600,000 offerings

Grand Lv5 Rune Pack

Astroplane Dust x10



How it works:

  • GMs will hide and accept offerings on each server for 30 min each day
  • All alcoholic spirits and beverages will be accepted as offerings
  • Stacks of items are acceptable



  • 12/4
    • Storm Legion @ 5:00 PM PT
  • 12/5
    • Lionheart @ 5:30 PM PT
  • 12/6
    • Eyrda @ 5:00 PM PT
  • 12/7
    • Nyos @ 9:00 AM PT
    • Dyos @ 10:00 AM PT
    • Illyfue @ 11:00 AM PT (8:00 PM CET) ---- Newly rescheduled event time ----
  • 12/8
    • Tytan @ 9:00 AM PT
    • Shylia @ 10:00 AM PT



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