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Forsaken World

Exordium is now live!

Автор: Gwaera
Чтв 09 Ноя 2017 10:00:00


Ready to take aim at new adventures? The Forsaken World team is extremely happy to reveal our latest expansion, Forsaken World: Exordium, is now live!


We’ve shared a glimpse at it through our previews, and now it is finally here! You can log in now and deftly dispatch your foes from a distance as the new Ranger class! Delve into the large and brand new Order Highlands area! Push yourself to new achievements in the new instances and challenge modes! Turn to the stars to further increase your skills with the new Astral System!


To say thank you to our awesome players and celebrate this big expansion, we are having a login event!

Starting today, 11/9/17, and running through 11/21/17 simply login to Forsaken World for 30 minutes to collect your prize each day! If you do miss a day you will not receive the prize for the day that was missed.


Day 1 - Flare Gem Card
Day 2 - Mysterious Gold Box x4
Day 3 - Fel Irradiated Ore x6
Day 4 - Scroll of Resistances x7
Day 5 - Mysterious Gold Box x4
Day 6 - Astral Reforge Stone x6
Day 7 - Scroll of Masteries x7
Day 8 - Mysterious Gold Box x4
Day 9 - God's Favor: Miracle x4
Day 10 - Hell Road Depths Challenge
Day 11 - Ancient Page (EXP Chapter) x4
Day 12 - Grand Lv4 Rune Pack


The only requirements to qualify are to be level 70 and to login for 30 minutes each day. If you reach level 70 during the event, you must relog to receive your prizes.  The days change over at 4 PM PDT, if you are already logged in prior to a day changing over, you will need to relog to trigger the login for the new day.


AND… we will be activating 5x XP & 5x SP for all servers for two whole weeks! Enjoy this boost from Nov 9th to Nov 22nd!



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