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Forsaken World

Summer Games - Breakneck Bonegnasher

Автор: Gwaera
Птн 25 Авг 2017 10:26:21


Hi Hi Summer Games fans!

On your mark… get set… GO! It is speed run time! Leave the competition in the dust and post the best time in this time trial! Bonegnasher’s Nest will be the setting for this group race. There will be a sign up period before the event takes place – use this time to form teams to represent your server in the race! Remember that your party will be required to take a GM to spectate in order to record your official time, so plan accordingly!



  • Time permitting, each server can do as many attempts as possible within the 30 min time limit.
  • If not completed, progress thru the nest will be used for ranking purposes.
  • Your party must take a GM to record your official time.
  • There will be a sign up period prior to the event
    • Email your team information to toureyrda@gmail.cominclude your server and the names of each player participating
  • At the time of the event, all teams signed up should be ready to participate.
    • If your team is not prepared to go at the time of the event, your team will receive an auto 0.
      • The next team that signed up for that server will have an opportunity to run it instead.


Times will be ranked, points will be awarded as follows and added to team scores:

  • 1st - 100 Points
  • 2nd - 75 Points
  • 3rd - 50 Points
  • 4th - 25 Points
  • 5th - 20 Points
  • 6th - 15 Points
  • 7th - 10 Points
  • 8th - 5 Points



Sign Ups Begin: August 25th, 2017

Start Time: August 28th, 2017 @ 09:00 AM PST

End Time: September 1st, 2017 @ 11:59 PM PST




  • 8/28
    • Shylia @ 09:00 AM PST
    • Dyos @ 10:00 AM PST
    • Tytan @ 11:00 AM PST
  • 8/29
    • Lionheart @ 5:30 PM PST
  • 8/30
    • Storm Legion @ 5:30 PM PST
  • 8/31
    • Nyos @ 09:00 AM PST
    • Illyfue @ 10:00 AM PST
    • Eyrda @ 5:30 PM PST



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