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Livelock: Meet Tuque - Oslo

Автор: Amanda
Чтв 14 Июл 2016 09:00:00

Hi! My name is Oslo and I’m a super important part of the Tuque team.

What made you want to become a developer/work in gaming?

Well, I didn’t choose the gaming life, it chose me. A little more than a human year ago, I first came to Tuque Games with my new pet. I adopted Jeff from a friend of his who couldn’t take care of him anymore. I took Jeff in and tagged along to the studio so I could meet a whole new bunch of ‘em belly rubbers.

Making a new title with a fresh studio, what has been the most exciting or terrifying moment?

Game dev is super awesome, though it can be very unsettling. The most terrifying thing for me was when there were people up in the sky doing repairs (or so they said) on power lines just outside our windows, on the third floor. It was LOUD. I’m very glad my badass attitude scared them away. On the lighter side, the most exciting moments are when the belly rubbers have delicious food delivered to the studio or when they finally stop looking at their screen to play fetch with me.

Everyone needs a break from work, are there any office pastimes that you partake in (e.g., gaming, tcgs, board games, etc.)?

When not at the studio, I like to eat wood. Wood is fun. Wood is good.


What other hobbies or interests do you have besides gaming?

Besides spending time with my pet, Jeff, I like to go to our cottage where I can eat all the wood I want and play in the water. Water's fun. Oh, and Mud! Yeah, mud is better.


Would you be willing to undergo the mind upload? If so, would you be a Capital Intellect or a rogue cluster?



What’s a normal work day look like for you?

I start the day by eating, then I go to sleep but i wake up every time someone walks in. I think it’s very important to greet them properly. I also like to do a couple of office rounds to make sure every trash can is doing ok. I think the belly rubbers like that because they keep saying “No Oslo!”... ‘specially when I find used tissues on top. I quickly dispose of them through my mouth. Hey, someone's gotta do it!


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