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The Design of Oru

Автор: MO Evangelos
Срд 16 Авг 2017 10:00:00

Hi guys! This is MO_Retrac and MO_ArrozconMango here to talk about the newest Hero to hit the airship: Oru!

Also known as ‘The Fortune Teller,’ Oru is a mid-range damage dealer who shines best in teamfights. His unique playstyle revolves around his ability to combo between his skills - dealing high damage while also providing utility to the team in the form of crowd control or peeling away in a fight.

When we were originally designing Oru, our goal was to create a Hero that effectively countered what we call a “deathball:” a situation in which a team stays close together to force big teamfights in their favor. The last few Heroes added to Gigantic have all been melee Heroes (Pakko, Zandora, Ramsay), so we wanted a Hero that could do well against tankier line-ups. As Oru’s design evolved, we found that he not only fit well as a strong team-fighter, but also into the role of a DPS caster as well. His damage output forces enemies to chase him, which can play right into Oru’s hands if he has planned ahead.

Oru’s kit is based around spreading pain to the enemy team by dealing them fortune cards and then “revealing” those cards for additional effects:

His LMB/RT skill, JUDGMENT, is a mid-range skill that homes towards enemies. Once hit, they take damage over time through burning. 

His RMB/LT skill, THE BEAST, tosses a spread of cards that slow enemies. 

His Q/LB skill, THE JOKER, places three cards face down directly in front of him. These cards act as traps, and enemies who walk over them take damage and get pushed 

His E/RB skill, COSMIC POWER, is the heart of Oru’s kit. This targeted skill will “reveal” the cards on all enemies in the targeted area. Revealing JUDGMENT cards will deal damage, while revealing THE BEAST cards will provide crowd control and other effects that are dependant on your chosen upgrades.

Oru’s Focus skill, DEATH DEALER, is the ultimate finishing move. Oru flies up into the air and begins rapidly tossing cards. At the end of the skill, Oru reveals all the Death cards on any enemy hit, dealing massive damage. Enemies below 50% health will take even more damage upon reveal.


  • If enemies are clumped up, try spreading JUDGMENT to as many enemy Heroes as you can, then reveal the cards with COSMIC POWER for a reliable AoE burst of damage.
  • Plan ahead with your Q/LB skill, THE JOKER: place traps in front of you before engaging in teamfights to make it difficult for enemy melee Heroes to get to you.
  • Make sure you have enough health before unleashing your Focus, since this very powerful skill leaves you vulnerable to ranged attacks for about 2 seconds. If you are killed before you can reveal your Death cards, your Focus will be wasted and the damage from the reveal will not be applied.


  • Keep your eyes open for Oru’s Focus; though extremely deadly, it leaves him vulnerable to ranged attacks. This is your chance to take him out before he reveals the Death cards, thus preventing the majority of his Focus damage from ever being dealt.
  • Though his Q/LB skill, THE JOKER, gives Oru a good way to peel from a fight, he lacks any mobility besides sprinting. When playing melee, make sure to stay on him as much as you can.


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