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Update Notes: June 2017 Release

Автор: MO Evangelos
Срд 21 Июн 2017 16:00:00

Welcome to ARC!

We are thrilled to finally return to Arc, and to welcome back everyone who has been waiting to join the Open Beta on the Windows 7, 8, and 10 platforms! There's A TON that’s changed since our last update to Arc: we’ve introduced two entirely new Heroes, an airship-load of new mechanics, and oodles of polish, updates, and fixes to the game.

This release marks the final major update of the Open Beta, and kicks off the final countdown to the official release of the game late next month! While you’re waiting to hear more news and announcements about our upcoming launch, take a moment to enjoy the awesomeness of the June build. We’ve poured the highest-quality elbow grease into every aspect of the game: we’ve added bot matches and a whole new experience for players just getting started in the game, as well as significant improvements to the UI and Heroes. We’ve also added voice chat, and adjusted each of the maps to promote more exciting matches in Gigantic.

There's too much to cover in a few short paragraphs, so we’ll let the update notes speak for themselves. Give them a read, and then join us on the battlefield to try out all the new changes for yourself. We’re excited to hear what you think!

Remember to follow our social channels (TwitterFacebookYouTubeTwitch) for more announcements, many of which are on the immediate horizon! We look forward to sharing our excitement with you in the final month leading up to launch, and we can’t wait to share in yours as you join us and go Gigantic!

Download the game on Arc today! We’ll see you on the airship!




As Gigantic evolved, we wanted to overhaul the front end of the game to not only keep up with the rest of the game's development, but also present a fresh, new look as we introduce Gigantic to a larger audience than ever before!

Part of the update involves a departure from the global "tabbed" navigation and a move toward a more conventional layout. The goal of these changes is to establish a clearer hierarchy of functions, provide additional flexibility to expand and add new features as the game grows, and to create a much clearer user experience for both new and veteran players. The update also comes with a major stylistic change to the entire UI - one which represents a departure from the dark, heavy, teal that used to house most of the content. The goal is to get it out of the way of the awesome models and illustrations our artists have created, while also highlighting the awesome content in the game.

Lastly, some of the new UI changes have been designed to give us more flexibility when it comes to incorporating ideas that are still in the works. Text chat in the front end and a new matchmaking UI are a couple of examples. This won't be entirely apparent until you see their inclusion in future releases, but we've laid the groundwork now for some fun new additions later!

Check it out!


To ensure that players have the knowledge and tools they need to play, we've built a guided experience from the moment you load up Gigantic for the first time. Our goal is to provide our players with an intuitive process that not only walks players through the unique mechanics in Gigantic, but also gives them the opportunity to learn the game at a comfortable pace.

Here's the deal: the first time you load up the game, you will be met with the new player experience:

  1. The first thing you'll need to do is complete the Tutorial. We've divided the game into four seamless lessons: an introduction (to movement, fighting, etc.), the Power race, the rampage, and your Focus. New players will be required to play and complete all four lessons before they can jump into the queue for their first match. Veteran players should be able to blow through the lessons in about 10 minutes.
  2. Once you complete the Tutorial, you will be able to play your first bot match.
  3. Once you complete your first bot match, you will unlock the ability to queue for the Live battlefield!
  4. Congratulations; you're done!

With the new player experience under your belt, you've hopefully learned everything you need to be an expert at the game! If not, then the bot matches will still be available for you to play, hone your skills, and eventually make your way into live matches!


Bot matches have been built to provide you with a (relatively) safe space to learn the game, practice your skills, and even earn rewards while completing Fortune Cards against simple AI-controlled Heroes. Jump in against our super-elite (aka not too difficult) team of Giga-bots: The Margrave(bot), Charnok(bot), Mozu(bot), Tripp(bot), and Xenob(ot)ia!

  • Queue for 5 Hero vs. 5 Bot matches via the 'Play' menu.
  • Up to Level 10, you will earn full Crown and Prestige rewards for completing bot matches.
  • After Level 10, you will earn reduced Crown and Prestige rewards for completing bot matches.
  • You will earn Player Medal and Hero Mastery progress by participating in bot matches.
  • You will also earn Fortune Card progress by participating in bot matches.
  • Crown and Prestige Boosts will not be consumed by bot matches; we want you to gain the full benefit of your boosts.
  • You will not earn badges during bot matches, nor can you complete Fortune Cards that rely on earning badges.


We're happy to introduce the first version of integrated VOICE CHAT Gigantic, brought to you with the help of Vivox! Version 1 of the system is fairly bare-bones, but offers the ability to communicate and coordinate with your crew or with your entire team in real-time!


The game will automatically utilize your default recording device to promote interaction with your crew and your team. We recommend that you take the time to visit the Voice Chat options in the Settings menu (under the 'Voice' tab) to ensure that they are set in a way that is optimal to your play-style before joining a live match.

There are a few notes to keep in mind as you begin to experiment with the voice chat:

  • You will need to re-launch Gigantic if you plug in your headset while the game is running.
  • If the game does not recognize your recording device, try disabling your Realtek Audio Manager and re-launching the game.
  • If you want to switch recording devices, you can do so through the Windows Sound Manager. Be sure to re-launch your client so it recognizes the change.
  • If you are hearing static or game audio coming through your headset, you will need to disable the microphone on your default sound device. You can do this via the Windows Sound Manager.
  • If you are unable to hear or use voice chat when playing on Windows 10, you may need to disable your firewall.

Note that this is only the first version of the system, which will continue to evolve over the next few major builds. We recognize the importance of things like the ability to set a push-to-talk (PTT) key and improved UI features when you're in a match, and already have plans to implement these sorts of features as soon as we are able.


Disconnects have come a long way since we started investigating them a few months ago. You guys have been an incredible help as we dig into the different issues impacting our community. Your diligence reporting issues, providing logs, and describing your experience played a big part in helping us make improvements in this week's build.

Today's build includes some big changes and fixes to these issues, as well as major updates to our analytics so we can gather the data we need to prevent them in the future. Here's where we stand:

  • Implemented new tools to gather server and game data that will help us investigate crashes and disconnects more effectively in the future.
  • Fixed several issues which caused matches to decline even if all 10 players accepted the match.
  • Fixed a major issue which prevented Xbox users from properly connecting to a game server.
  • Fixed an issue which caused players to get stuck during screen transitions - usually when loading into the Hero Confirmation Lobby or into the match itself.
  • Implemented several general game stability fixes.

We will continue to monitor our server and game logs as you play on the new build. If you continue to experience issues, please visit our Live forum and create a thread, or reach out to our support team with your information.


We're proud to introduce the voices of our Heroes! All 18 Heroes will now talk and interact with each other while you play, earn badges, use skills, and call out commands using your pings or quick-messages on the battlefield. Enjoy getting to know your favorite Hero a little better...or, if you prefer silence, you can now adjust the volume of the voice lines using the in-game settings menu.


With the arrival of Arc, we don't want you to lose all the hard work you put into the Open Beta. To prevent this, we're happy to offer a one-time account copy: an opportunity for you to mirror all your progress and unlocks over to an Arc account, where you can pick up right where you left off. This doesn't delete any of your progress on your Windows 10 / Xbox One account, but instead branches your progress onto two separate and unique accounts.

Here's all the things that will be copied over to your Arc account:

  1. Heroes
  2. Skins
  3. Creatures
  4. Fortune Cards
  5. Bonus Fortune Card Draws
  6. Boosts
  7. Badges
  8. Medals
  9. Crowns
  10. Founder's Status
  11. MMR

There are also two things that WON'T be copied; it's highly recommended that you spend (or use) these before making the copy to get the most out of your earnings:

  1. Rubies
  2. Any Fortune Card you've looked at but not officially drawn into your hand.
  3. Platform-exclusive skins (Tyto Excelsior, Tripp Arc Lightning)

Head on over to the Account Copy page starting this Thursday, 6/22 to get started!


With only one month left of the Open Beta, it's your last chance to join our esteemed group of Founders. Unlock 18 Heroes, two upcoming Heroes, two exclusive skins, and Founder's Status for the discounted price of $29.99!

Pick up your Founder's Pack today!



You can find a full list of known issues with the beta build over on the official forum. We'll keep this list up-to-date with the most significant issues (and solutions) that are reported during the Open Beta:

We'll also be tracking the most impactful issues - as well as any workarounds or known solutions - on the official subreddit:




Stamina is one of the most important resources in Gigantic. While we like what it offers as a strategic resource, the process of managing your stamina has always felt a bit cumbersome. As such, we've made some significant changes to simplify the stamina system. These changes not only give you more control over how and when you use your stamina, but help level the playing field for Heroes as they rush into combat.

The most significant change involves differentiating the stamina cost of actions based on whether you're in- or out-of-combat. Most actions no longer cost stamina when you're out-of-combat, so you can now run and jump to your heart's content when you're not fighting. That said, the moment you enter combat, be careful; the things that do consume stamina will consume it at a higher rate, so watch your blue bar and be smart with your stamina consumption.

Here are the changes we've made:

  • Skills no longer have stamina costs associated with their use.
  • Jumping no longer drains stamina when not in combat.
  • Sprinting no longer drains stamina when not in combat.
  • Note that sprinting, jumping, and using skills will still halt stamina regeneration, even when not in combat.

The moment you enter combat, the rules change! This is when you need to be careful with your stamina:

  • All heroes have 100 stamina.
  • Increased the base rate that stamina regenerates from 15 to 20 stamina per tick.
  • Increased the delay before stamina begins regenerating after running out completely from 1.5 to 2 seconds.
  • Increased the base cost of sprinting while in combat from 8 to 12 stamina/second.
  • Increased the base cost of jump attacks to 10 stamina. This is in addition to the 10 stamina cost of jumping when in combat.
  • Increased the stamina cost of dodging to 25 stamina per dodge (or 1/4 of your stamina bar) for all Heroes.
  • Adjusted the stamina cost for sprinting (both in and out of combat) to be consistent across all Heroes.

Because of these changes, we've also adjusted the Easy Strider upgrade to work with the new stamina rules:

  • Easy Strider upgrade: You move 10% faster and sprinting drains stamina 25% slower.


Summoning is a unique system in Gigantic, and one that players are likely to make mistakes with as they learn when and (more importantly) when NOT to summon. The feeling that there is a "wrong" time to summon added a lot of unnecessary tension to the match, and countered the idea that summoning should always be a boon to your team. We feel that summoning should be less about how diligently you babysit your creatures, and more about how you protect them once they're already on the battlefield.

To address these concerns, we've removed the time it takes for a creature to summon entirely. In this system, your ability to summon or upgrade your creatures is the only thing you have to consider, and taking the time to complete the channel rewards you with a creature who is ready for combat!

  • All creatures now summon instantly after channeling them for 6 seconds. This time does not change after transitioning to the Clash.
  • Reduced the health of all Adult Creatures by ~30%.
  • Reduced the health of all Young Creatures by ~15%.
  • Removed the special "burst" skill that previously triggered when a creature spawns.


  • Increased the grace period during which both teams can simultaneously capture Power Orbs from 0.5 seconds to 1 second. This should ensure that both teams gain power in the event of a Power tie.
  • Reduced the amount of Power gained from killing Young Creatures from 20 to 10 Power.
  • Increased the spawn time for Power Orbs from 35 seconds to 40 seconds.


We've made some small adjustments to respawn times to simplify the rules when respawning:

  • Increased the base respawn time from 10 to 15 seconds. This time does not increase as the match progresses.
  • If a team is wiped entirely, 10 seconds is still added to the timer, regardless of how much time remains or how long the match has progressed.


We've adjusted several Hero skills to no longer place you in combat. These are largely passive skills which don't implicitly place you in combat, and which often have a practical use outside of combat. Here are the affected Heroes and skills.

  • Aisling: Into The Blade (E/RB)
  • Beckett: Jetpack (E/RB)
  • Charnok: Detonate (Q/LB); note that if you use the Dive Bomb upgrade, it will place you in combat and stop stamina regeneration.
  • Griselma: Displacement (E/RB)
  • HK-206: Fortify (E/RB)
  • Lord Knossos: Bull Rush (E/RB)
  • Mozu: Dimension Door (E/RB)
  • Tripp: Electric Slide (Q/LB); note that if you kick, it will place you in combat and stop stamina regeneration.
  • Tripp: Flashdance (E/RB)
  • Vadasi: Divine Wind (Q/LB)
  • Vadasi: Devotion (E/RB)
  • Voden: Green Man (Q/LB)
  • Zandora: Aura of Haste (Q/LB)


We've refined the Weakness debuff to only have three tiers across all characters (down from the six unique cases we had previously):

  • Weakness: -25% damage
  • Major Weakness: -50% damage,
  • Extreme Weakness: -60% damage
  • Note that there are still special cases, such as HK-206's ramping weakness provided by the Debilitating Rounds upgrade.


In our ongoing adventures in refinement, we've removed the distinction between front, side, and back armor from Heroes and Creatures.

  • Heavily armored Heroes now have 25 armor.
  • Lightly armored Heroes now have 15 armor.
  • All Heroes and creatures now deal an additional 10% damage when hitting an enemy from behind.




  • Fixed a bug where exhausted dodges would still grant 0.3 seconds of invulnerability.

We've revisited the in-game tooltips for your skills to provide more information. This is only the first step in the effort to provide more tangible information in the game, and is something we'll continue to work on in the months to come.

  • Added additional information to the skill upgrades, including damage numbers, new status icons, and additional details where possible.


  • You can now press the V key to bring up the QMS categories. You can still use the 1 - 4 keys to shortcut straight into each category.
  • Increased the spam limitations on multiple pings or QMS messages sent within a short period of time. You must now wait 15 seconds before you can trigger the same voice line, and 8 seconds before you can trigger a different line.



We've made several adjustments to the rewards and pricing of items in the game. You can read about all of the updates here:




  • Made several updates to prevent cases where the Guardians could get stuck during the rampage.
  • After determining to attack an enemy, both Guardians will now react more quickly to enemies in their area.
  • The Guardians will now chain from their warning attack to their melee attack much faster when an enemy moves into range.

We've always felt that the Guardians should feel as scary as they look - a mark they've missed during the Open Beta. With today's build, we've increased the damage, speed, and area of their attacks to make them a more intimidating presence on the battlefield.

  • Increased the damage dealt by long-range warning attacks (Grenn's breath attack and Leiran's eye lasers) by 50%. These attacks now also slow enemies by 20% for 1 second.
  • Increased the damage dealt by mid-range Guardian attacks by 50%.
  • Increased the projectile speed of Guardian attacks from 3500 to 6000.
  • Reduced the delay between when you are warned and when you are hit by the Guardian attacks from 0.75 seconds to 0.5 seconds.

The Guardian melee attacks should really hurt when they hit. While it should be rare that you're close enough to trigger the attack, it will hit far more consistently unless you're able to dodge it.

  • Reduced the range in which Guardians will use their melee attack from 1000 to 750 units.
  • Doubled the size of the impact area from 500 to 1000 units.


We noticed that a lot of games were lasting a long time, largely due to 100-100 power ties. This change should help alleviate those situations, forcing games to progress to their conclusion:

  • As the defending team, gaining 100 shield for your Guardian now reduces incoming guardian damage to 1000, rather than negating it entirely.


One of the biggest changes we've made to our Guardians is their position on the battlefield. Guardians would previously move between three positions over the course of the match: from their "forward" position at the start to their "rear" position after being wounded, and then to their Clash positions after the transition to the Clash. This movement added an unnecessary level of complexity to the game which we've alleviated by anchoring them to a single location before the Clash.

  • Guardians no longer fall back when they take damage, but instead remain at their forward positions.




  • Reduced the health of all adult creatures by ~30%.
  • Reduced the health of all young creatures by ~15%.
  • Increased the out-of-combat health regeneration for creatures from 30 hp/s to 45 hp/s.
  • Fixed a bug where stationary creatures - such as adult Bloomers and Drakes - could be pushed off their summoning point.
  • Fixed a bug where creatures would not drop their meditation shields when collecting Power Orbs.
  • Removed the ability for damage to interrupt creatures who are collecting Power Orbs.
  • Creatures can now enter stealth while meditating, such as when affected by Imani's Smoke Bomb.

We've streamlined the armor values of creatures across all families, and removed the front / back armor rules in relation to the damage you deal to creatures.

  • All young creatures now have 15 armor.
  • All adult creatures now have 25 armor.
  • Creatures no longer take increased damage when attacked from behind, but instead take the same amount of damage from all angles of attack.


  • Bloomers will now properly prioritize collecting Power Orbs over healing allies.


  • Reduced the vision radius of the adult Cerberus to match that of the young Cerberus.
  • Reduced the number of times the young Shadow Cerberus teleports in a single volley from 3 to 1.


  • Cyclopes will no longer randomly interrupt their attacks to refresh the team indicator for their walls.


  • Storm Drakes no longer attack behind them with their breath attack.
  • Removed the stun from the Storm Drake's signature attack.
  • Fixed a bug where the young Storm Drake would utilize the visual effects of the young Fire Drake.




  • Added rampage arrows to the Ghost Reef, Siren's Strand, and Sanctum Falls maps. When a rampage triggers, these arrows will guide you towards the Guardian that's about to be vulnerable.


  • Fixed a bug where the wandering Motiga would continue to track invisible Heroes.
  • Fixed numerous collision issues throughout the map.
  • Adjusted the collision on the ledge around the C points that lead to the mid area. The art has also been adjusted to better-match the collision.

We've made several significant changes to the Ghost Reef in this build. With the Guardians in their forward positions, we sealed off the lairs where they used to fall back after taking their first wound. We've also changed up the central area of the map to limit some of the longer sight-lines through the map.

  • Moved the Guardians to their forward positions. They do not move from these positions during the Clash.
  • Adjusted the locations where you land after using the jump pads to work around the new rear wall.
  • Moved the A point forward to the old Clash position to the left of the Guardian. This point does not move with the transition to the Clash.
  • Adjusted the aggro radius of the Guardians so they won't attack enemies on the sniper ledge leading into the mid points.

Finally, a new effect has been added to more clearly denote the transition to the Clash:

  • When the map transitions to the Clash, a sandstorm will roll into the canyon and remain until the end of the match.


  • Added a ramp to the hidden tunnel on both sides of the map.
  • Added some blocks to help players reach the Guardians during the rampage.
  • Removed the former B points (Bell and Chimes). The Sanctum Falls map now has two friendly points, two neutral points, and two enemy points.
  • Moved the Guardians to a forward position. They do not move from this position until the Clash.

Similar to the Ghost Reef, we've added a new effect to clearly denote the transition to the Clash:

  • When the map transitions to the Clash, a rainstorm will begin to flood the pre-Clash area.
  • Flooding now takes 90 seconds to reach its highest level, and will deal damage to Heroes who do not vacate the area.


  • Fixed numerous collision issues throughout the map.
  • Fixed an exploit where players could hide in the ceiling of the tunnels leading to the Guardian rooms.
  • Fixed an exploit which allowed Wu to slide up the wall to the right of the Guardian's Clash position.

As with the other maps, we've made some significant layout changes to the Siren's Strand:

  • Moved the Guardians forward from their old positions. Their new location is on the ridge near where the A point was previously located.
  • Moved the point from the ridge to the lower area outside of the secret tunnels, between the A and C points. This is the new B point.
  • Moved the landing points for the pre-Clash jump pads to compensate for the new forward location of the Guardians.
  • Removed some ice pillars in front of the new Guardian lairs.

Like the other maps, we've added new effects to clearly denote the transition to the Clash:

  • An avalanche will begin to press in from the pre-Clash A points to block off unused portions of the map.
  • The avalanche now takes 90 seconds to reach its final location, and will deal damage to Heroes who stand near the icebergs.



  • Updated the Curse debuff to no longer use the Shock visual effects.
  • Reduced the strength of heavy armor from 30 armor to 25 armor. This affects HK-206, the Margrave, Vadasi, and Zandora.
  • Fixed a bug where some skills could hit the Guardian's wound by shooting anywhere on its body. This affects the following Heroes: Imani (Smoke Bomb), Lord Knossos (Chuck), Tripp (Plasma Blades), Xenobia (Words of Spite)
  • Fixed a bug where applying weakness halfway through a skill would not properly reduce damage dealt by those Heroes. This affects the following skills: Beckett (Grenade), Pakko (Snowball Toss), Tyto the Swift (Blade Dance)
  • Fixed a bug where dodge attacks would take longer than intended to chain into a Hero's primary (LMB/RT) attack combo unless they were moving. As a side-effect, chaining from dodge attacks into the primary attack combo should feel more responsive.
  • Fixed a bug where trying to summon a creature or collect an Orb would be delayed if in the middle of a primary attack (LMB/RT) animation.


With the rule changes to stamina, we've adjusted the specializations that influence stamina costs:

  • Acrobatics upgrade: Now reduces the cost of dodging from 25 stamina to 20 stamina.
  • Easy Strider upgrade: You move 10% faster and sprinting drains stamina 25% slower.



  • Fixed a bug where the Ghostly Might upgrade would not provide the +10% damage boost to Cador. Note that if Cador is outside of the blade, you will still need to recall and re-summon him for the upgrade to take effect.
  • Fixed a bug where attempting to summon a creature or collect a Power Orb would remove all Cador's Into the Blade buffs.
  • Fixed a bug where Cador would only move at about 63% of his intended movement speed.
  • When Cador is killed, he will now return to Aisling's blade and grant her the "Into the Blade" benefits, but will also stun her briefly. All of Aisling's secondary skills will still be placed on cooldown.


  • Adjusted the skill description of Slash to correctly indicate that Cador will deal triple damage to targets recently struck by Aisling.
  • Ghostly Might upgrade: Fixed a bug where the Ghostly Might upgrade would not properly increase Spectral Wave's damage by 10%.


  • Fixed a bug where the Command Performance specialization would reduce the damage dealt by Cador rather than increasing his damage.


  • Fixed a bug where Aisling could enter her "weakened" state without summoning Cador.


  • Fixed a bug where using Into the Blade at the moment of Cador's death would place the skill on a 32 second cooldown.
  • Fixed a bug where Aisling would gain 15 front armor and 10 armor on all other sides when Cador was in the blade, rather than the intended +10 armor on all sides.
  • Fixed a bug where Aisling could gain the Into the Blade benefits by cancelling out of the skill, and without recalling Cador.


  • Terrify skill: Terrify can now be targeted within a 10m range. The affected area no longer increases in size with each tier. All other effects are the same.



  • Adjusted the skill text for the Painfully Accurate upgrade to reflect that it sets critical damage to +30% rather than adding 30% to the base 20% modifier.


  • Fixed a bug where Grenade wouldn't play the explosion sound effect.
  • Fixed a bug where Grenade's audio effects would continue to play even after the projectile was destroyed.


  • Blast Radius upgrade: Fixed a bug where the Blast Radius upgrade wouldn't properly add to Beckett's crit chance on hit.
  • Fixed a bug where most Cannon upgrades would increase the base damage of the skill slightly.


  • Supreme Will upgrade: Fixed a bug where launching an Air Strike wouldn't restore the intended 100 stamina.



  • Fixed a bug where Charnok's Make It Rain Fire upgrade would no longer automatically crit if you took the Precision Flame upgrade.


  • Fixed a bug where splash damage from uncharged fireballs would always deal full damage.


  • Fixed a bug where the base damage of Dragon's Breath would differ from the damage dealt after taking the Fire Shelter and Backdraft upgrades.
  • Scorching Flames upgrade: Fixed a bug where damage would ramp up to 36% rather than the intended 30%.
  • Scorching Flames upgrade: Fixed a bug where the upgrade would also buff the damage of Detonate and Hot Hail's meteor.
  • Added text to Charnok's Dragon's Breath skill to denote the variable cooldown.


  • Adjusted several stacking values of burning applied by Charnok's Focus skill.


  • Charnok: Fixed a bug where the Precision Flame upgrade would stop working after taking the Make it Rain Fire upgrade.



  • Removed a one frame delay when summoning a Portal Beast.
  • Beast Friends specialization: Fixed a bug where the specialization would not properly lower the summoning speed of Portal Beasts from 0.5 seconds to 0.1 second.


  • Stumbling Block upgrade: Updated the skill description to indicate that the skill dazes instead of interrupts.
  • Shattered Rift upgrade: Fixed a bug where the upgraded Rift Zone would only hit one target.



  • Heat Transfer specialization: Fixed a bug where the specialization wouldn't extend the burn when hitting with Rail Gun while fortified.


  • Percussive Force upgrade: Fixed a bug where the upgraded mortar would deal 1 damage.

The Kaboom Box upgrade was providing a lot of burst damage with some of the recent changes. This was not really the intent of the upgrade, so it required some tweaks to make it a viable option while still feeling like a unique choice in comparison to the other Tier 2 option.

  • Kaboom Box upgrade: No longer stacks the burning from the mortar with the burning of the area of effect field at 100%. Instead, it now stacks at the standard 10%.
  • Kaboom Box upgrade: Increased the radius of the burning area of effect field from 300 to 350 units.

The increased range provided by the Bombardment specialization was clunky and difficult to use, so we replaced it.

  • Bombardment specialization: Increases the burn duration of the Mortar explosion by 1 second. DURING CLASH: Gives additional focus.
  • Kaboom Box upgrade: Reduced the duration of the upgraded fire field from 4 seconds to 3 seconds.


  • Rapid Recalibration upgrade: Fixed a bug where the damage buff could be obtained by cancelling Fortify.



  • Imani: Fixed a bug where the effects of being 'Launched' would last longer than the animation that plays when launched.


  • Fixed a bug where the Heavy Cable upgrade would increase Boom Bolt's damage over time.


  • Fixed a bug where using Imani's Focus skill while Special Ammo was active would allow you to bypass the cooldown on Special Ammo.
  • Fixed a bug where Imani would deal more damage than intended with the Die in a Fire upgrade.
  • Fixed a bug where Imani would deal slightly less damage than intended with the All In upgrade.
  • Fixed a bug where the Blast Radius upgrade would not deal splash damage when using Autobolts.
  • Fixed a bug where Imani would gain more focus than intended when hitting multiple targets with the Blast Radius upgrade.


  • Fixed a bug where Imani would be immune to displacement effects while Focused.



  • Spear Time upgrade: Fixed a bug where using the upgraded spears on a meditating creature would reduce the cooldown of Chuck.


  • Fixed a bug where the More Gore upgrade would hit the primary target twice.


  • Mighty Yawp upgrade: Updated the description to specify that it only affects allied Heroes.


  • Adjusted the skill description to note that the skill now stuns instead of interrupts.
  • Adjusted Labyrinth to be slightly more forgiving when hitting enemies below and above Knossos.



  • Fixed a bug where the Super Charger specialization would not reduce the cooldown of Charge Forth when modified with the Rush in Attack upgrade.


  • Bonecrusher upgrade: Fixed a bug where the upgrade would weaken enemies instead of the Margrave.


  • Reduced the base armor gain upon activation to +15 armor.
  • Pound of Armor upgrade: Reduced the armor gain provided by the upgrade to +10 per enemy hit.
  • Fixed a bug where a Tier 1 Focus attack would not hit as high as intended.
  • Fixed an exploit where priming Ground and Pound before being Dazed and releasing it after would negate the effects of the Daze.


  • Replaced the Sustained Abilities upgrade with the Perseverance upgrade. (For 4 seconds, gain +75 hp/s and disruption immunity after using Focus.)



  • Fixed a bug where applying Curse to someone encased by Pakko's Focus skill would permanently freeze the player.
  • Fixed a bug where the camera would clip into Pakko's body when aiming straight up.


  • Shattered upgrade: Fixed a bug where hitting an enemy would provide x4 focus instead of the intended x3.


  • Uninhibited upgrade: Fixed a bug where the upgrade would only grant +25 armor to the front, rather than to all sides.


  • Fixed a bug where Breath of Frigid Air would turn hit-reaction-immune targets into snowmen.



  • Fixed a bug where Unseen Strike would not allow forward movement when jumping.
  • Fixed a bug where taking the Assassin's Credo upgrade would cause Unseen Strike to ignore back-attacks, thus preventing the stun from triggering.


  • Flash Step upgrade: Fixed a bug where using Flashdance while holding down LMB/RT would cancel the teleport.


  • Fixed a rare bug where using Bladestorm while in stealth would fail to break her stealth.

We've implemented a brand new Focus skill for Tripp. This is mainly because the old one was bad. Yeah; that's about all there is to it!

  • Bladestorm skill: Tripp surges forward in a lightning storm, stunning and damaging the first target with with she collides.
  • On successful hit, Tripp teleports to her target and remains at that location. On a miss, she returns to her initial location.


  • Cloak of Shadows upgrade: Fixed a bug where the upgrade would display "front armor boost" rather than "armor boost."


  • Back in a Flash specialization: Fixed a bug where the skill description would get cut off in its text box.



  • Decreased the travel distance of Tyto's dodge attack.


  • Hidden Talon upgrade: Fixed a bug where bleed applied by the upgrade couldn't be cleansed.

We've reworked Tyto's Synchronicity upgrade since it felt too similar to the right upgrade branch.

  • Synchronicity skill: Hitting an enemy who Fang is attacking provides +15 armor for 3 seconds.


  • Bleed Dance upgrade: Fixed a bug where the upgrade would deal 4 ticks per bleed stack instead of 5 ticks.
  • Added text to Tyto's Blade Dance skill to denote the variable cooldown.
  • Windborne upgrade: Tyto now moves +35% faster during Blade Dance.
  • Fixed a bug where the Equilibrium upgrade would only apply to Tyto's front armor.


  • Celerity upgrade: Fixed a bug where the upgraded skill would sometimes fail to provide a speed boost.
  • Pet Projectile upgrade: Fixed a bug where the upgrade would not affect the last combo hit of Talon (LMB/RT).


  • Improved Blur to hit targets more reliably.
  • Fixed a bug where Blur could deal damage to a single target multiple times if enemies were clumped together.



  • Perfect Pitch upgrade: Fixed a bug where burning enemies would display text that reads "Burning 1dx4" instead of "Burning Aura".
  • Absorption Matrix upgrade: Fixed a bug where the healing would tick 9 times instead of 10.
  • Absorption Matrix upgrade: Fixed a bug where healing provided would stack at 100% instead of 10%.


  • Persistent Purgative upgrade: Reduced the duration of the debuff immunity provided by the upgrade from 6 seconds to 4 seconds.
  • Precision Prescription upgrade: Fixed stacking values of healing provided by the upgraded skill.


  • Enthusiasm upgrade: Updated the description to more accurately reflect the behavior of the skill: "Gain additional focus from direct hits with Flasks."
  • Replaced the Sustained Abilities upgrade with the Focused Healing upgrade. (+20% healing power after using your Focus. This effect lasts until you die.)


  • Potent Medicine specialization: Now properly increased the healing output of Healing Waters by 15%.



  • Fixed a bug where the Divine Fury upgrade was increasing the damage output of skills other than Smite.
  • Fixed a bug where debuffs would not be removed after taking the Cleansing Wind upgrade.
  • Adjusted the text of the Divine Wind skill, which suggested that it healed for 150 damage rather than 120 damage.



  • Updated several attacks so that chaining between skills feels more responsive.


  • Fixed a bug where Poison Spores would fail to fire if Voden was too high in the air.
  • Added a fail-safe to Poison Spores. In the event that the skill fails to fire, the skill will not be set on cooldown.
  • Contagion upgrade: Fixed a bug where affected enemies would not show a neutral (white) visual effect.


  • Added sound effects when the decoy dies.
  • Fixed a bug where targeting Decoy at an invalid location would place the skill on cooldown.
  • Fixed a bug where the clone wouldn't fire poison arrows while standing inside a poison area.
  • Fixed a bug where using skills while stealthed wouldn't destroy Voden's decoy immediately.
  • Fixed a bug where getting displaced while stealthed would remove Voden from stealth and destroy the decoy.
  • Fixed a bug where taking the Alternate Root (swap) upgrade would still let you teleport and gain the benefits of Leaf No Trace or One With Nature even after the death of your decoy. The skill will now be placed on cooldown when the decoy dies.
  • Fixed a bug where Heart of Oak would apply its Clash kicker before the Clash.
  • Heart of Oak specialization: Reduced the damage reduction provided from 50% to 25%.

We've implemented a fairly major rework to the Companion's Boon upgrade. The path is now more about fighting alongside your decoy.

  • Companion's Boon upgrade: Your decoy now fights alongside you and deals increased damage (+130 damage). You no longer gain stealth.


  • Burst Forth upgrade: Fixed a bug where the upgraded spring wouldn't slow enemies who entered the area.
  • Well Wishes upgrade: Fixed a bug where the upgraded spring would provide less healing than intended.
  • Spring Cleaning upgrade: Fixed a bug where the upgraded spring would not cleanse allies.
  • Spring Back specialization: Fixed a bug where the specialization benefits would apply to skills other than Hidden Spring.


  • Fixed a small delay when firing his Focus projectile.


  • Voden: Fixed a bug where the Spring Back specialization would stop working after a player dies and respawns.



  • Improved the responsiveness of the skill when activated.



  • Fixed a bug where animations would not play when summoning and collecting Power Orbs.


  • Compounding Sorrow upgrade: Fixed the upgrade to inflict extreme weakness (-60% damage for 4 seconds) to enemies inside Xenobia's Mark of Despair.


  • Fixed a bug where Xenobia would always perform her Tier 1 Focus regardless of how many Focus charges she had.


  • Zandora: Fixed a bug where cancelling an aura would allow her to spam her primary attack rapidly.


  • Fixed a bug where the Lancing Blow upgrade would allow Zandora to activate her Aura of Strength without performing the skill.


  • Fixed a bug where the Battle Armor upgrade wouldn't work with Star Lance Strike's (LMB/RT) Beam upgrade.



  • Fixed a bug where Xbox users could no longer navigate the Main Menu after pressing right on the D-pad.
  • Fixed a bug where the Guardian Power UI would become incorrectly formatted from kills gained during rampages.
  • Fixed a bug where Power Orbs could become active at the incorrect time after the conclusion of a rampage.
  • Fixed a bug where Power Orbs would not be properly displayed if the match transitions to the Clash while Power Orbs are becoming active.
  • Fixed a bug where players would not receive a warning before being kicked from a match for being AFK.
  • Fixed a bug where players are unable to re-join a match after being kicked for being AFK.
  • Fixed a bug which would periodically prevent adult creatures from appearing on the minimap.
  • Fixed a client crash at the initial splash screen of the game.
  • Fixed a client crash when loading into a multiplayer match on an Xbox.
  • Fixed a rare client crash when attempting to rejoin a match.

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